RESEARCH PAPER: How Lenovo’s ThinkReality A3 Accelerates Enterprise Augmented Reality Adoption

The augmented reality (AR) market is growing rapidly1, supported by billions of dollars in investment every year, especially in the enterprise space where many different companies are aggressively working to bring new headsets and platforms to market. AR’s growth is also a component of the metaverse that many within the industry expect will encapsulate augmented reality along with virtual reality and many other spatial computing mediums. The metaverse will be an open and all-encompassing ecosystem of varying levels of immersion and engagement that will enable a virtual digital economy based on both consumer and enterprise use cases. Nobody will own the metaverse itself, but different components of it may have varying levels of access and freedom, much like the internet of today. Indeed, many expect Web 3.0 technologies to enable the metaverse without necessarily fully inhabiting it.

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Table Of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Enterprise AR Challenges And Solutions
  • Lenovo’s ThinkReality A3 Completes A Total Enterprise Solution
  • Call To Action
  • Figure 1: Lenovo’s ThinkReality Platform
  • Figure 2: A3 Inter-Compatibility With Host Devices

Companies Cited

  • Lenovo
  • Motorola
  • Qualcomm
  • Varjo