RESEARCH PAPER: Deploying Multi-Cloud With Nutanix And Lenovo ThinkAgile HX

IT infrastructure has become incredibly complex. Enterprise architecture has evolved from the traditional hub-and-spoke model of a centralized data center into a rich mix of on-premises servers and storage, public cloud, private cloud, and even edge computing.

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Table Of Contents

  • The Evolving IT Landscape
  • Managing Multi-Cloud With Nutanix
  • Lenovo ThinkAgile HX
  • Figure 1: Top Cloud Challenges
  • Figure 2: Three-Tier vs HCI Architecture
  • Figure 3: Nutanix Product Portfolio
  • Figure 4: Addressing Security & Compliance Challenges
  • Figure 6: Lenovo ThinkAgile HX
  • Figure 7: Benefits Of Lenovo TruScale As-A-Service

Companies Cited

  • Intel
  • Lenovo
  • Nutanix