rESEARCH PAPER: Delivering The AI-Enabled Edge With Dell Technologies

Nurses in a hospital depend on edge devices to monitor and interpret signals from dozens of sensors that alert them when a patient needs attention.

Edge devices in a chemical refinery predict, in real time, equipment failures before they occur by continuously analyzing hundreds of data points.

Cameras inside a retail store notice that inventory is running low and automatically dispatch an employee to replenish with merchandise from the backstock.

These examples of AI-enabled edge computing just scratch the surface of what’s possible when extending IT infrastructure beyond the traditional walls of the enterprise.

Deploying IT infrastructure at the edge enables organizations to quickly generate insights and deliver value where data is generated. As a result, edge computing extends the reach of enterprise IT, enabling new and impactful use cases that change the way many businesses operate.

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Table Of Contents

  • Enterprise At The Edge
  • The AI-Enabled Edge
  • Edge Computing With Dell Technologies
  • Real World Example
  • Concluding Thoughts
  • Figure 1: Edge Computing Applications
  • Figure 2: Example Edge Applications That Benefit From AI
  • Figure 3: The AI Life Cycle
  • Figure 4: Dell Technologies At The Edge

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