RESEARCH PAPER: CXL: Enabling A Heterogenous, Composable, Next-Generation Data Center

Data has become one of the most valuable and, at the same time, abundant resources in the world. More data has been created in the past three years than in the past two decades, and the biggest challenge has been to process this data into insight.

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Table Of Contents

  • Summary
  • What Is CXL?
  • CXL vs PCIe
  • Demystifying The Different CXL Specifications
  • CXL Is An Open, Industry Standards
  • Wrapping Up
  • Table 1: CXL Configurations
  • Table 2: CXL Standards And Release Dates
  • Figure 1: CXL 3.0 Multi-Level Switching Configurations
  • Figure 2: Memory And Storage Heirachy
  • Figure 3: CXL Consortium Board Of Directors

Companies Cited

  • AWS
  • Google
  • Micron
  • Microsoft
  • Oracle