RESEARCH PAPER: Comprehensive Server Restoration With Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Cybersecurity is a multidimensional challenge that requires a multidimensional response. Moor Insights & Strategy believes IT organizations would be well-served to consider comprehensive security as a bare minimum requirement when investing in server infrastructure. Silicon rooted security, complemented by tools that enable fast time to recovery, should be a must for any server that gets installed and connected in any datacenter. Tools like Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Server System Restore should be considered to drive fast time to recovery. In fact, MI&S has not seen a more comprehensive server recovery tool in the market.

You can download the paper here.

Table of Contents

  • Summary
  • Anatomy Of An Attack
  • Protecting Against Attacks
  • Call To Action
  • Figure 1: The Phases Of A Cyber Attack
  • Figure 2: Hewlett Packard Enterprise Silicon Root Of Trust
  • Figure 3: Server System Restore Options

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