RESEARCH PAPER: Can IBM Revitalize 8P with x86?

The need for greater agility is driving IT strategies. The importance of scale up applications is growing, but a different innovation cadence is needed. Applications and data streams are becoming more complex, requiring additional processing power and larger memory footprints for these scale up applications. With cloud-based applications, large virtualization pools, and ERP/database all running on x86 platforms, there is a need for 8 CPU servers that can run standards-based backend workloads or create a large consolidation point for virtualized workloads. The scalability of 8 CPU x86 servers  combined with their robust platform availability make them an excellent choice for deploying critical applications. In an era of rapid innovation and changing IT patterns, these products can be the right choice for demanding applications.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Application Needs Continue to Scale Up
  • Standardized Systems Are the Clear Choice
  • Scalable Applications Require Resilient, Scalable Platforms
  • The IBM x3950 X6 Server
  • Performance and Scalability
  • High Availability/RAS
  • IBM Support
  • True Customer Benefits for Scale Up Applications
  • Summary
  • Figure 1: Application Growth and Scalability
  • Figure 2: IBM x3950 X6 Chassis
  • Figure 2: Individual Compute Book
  • Figure 4: Uptime Features and Capabilities

You can download the paper here.

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