RESEARCH PAPER: Cable Network Transformation

The cable industry faces threats on a number of fronts. With the proliferation of smartphone and tablet devices, subscribers want to “cut the cord” and consume content on-the-go. This trend will certainly accelerate as wireless wide area networks (WWAN) transition from 4G LTE to next generation 5G infrastructure. 5G threatens to provide a viable connectivity alternative to cable with blazing fast throughput and ultra-low latency for both fixed and mobile deployments. Case in point, Verizon recently announced it will launch a 5G home service in four cities, which will utilize pre-5G New Radio (NR) fixedwireless equipment from Samsung based on Verizon’s 5GTF standard. Beyond WWAN, fiber optic and satellite also contribute to the mounting competitive pressure on cable.

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Table Of Contents:

  • Executive Summary
  • The Cable Industry Today
  • Cable Network Transformation Considerations
  • Why Consider Intel For Cable Network Transformation?
  • Call To Action

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