RESEARCH PAPER: AT&T’s Legacy Of Innovation

The deployment of 5G will revolutionize fixed and mobile services with its ultra-low latency, blazing-fast throughput, and ability to support a massive number of connected devices. In addition to greater speed and responsiveness, 5G will redefine connectivity and the subscriber experience by enabling a new era of network-based intelligence, virtualization, and computational power at the network edge. Tactile applications that require instantaneous response and precise control — such as mobile gaming, mixed reality, smart factories and cities, telesurgery, and autonomous driving — will benefit and come to fruition. As 5G networks are deployed globally, many carriers are still focused on access. However, some providers, such as AT&T, stand out for their efforts toward enabling compelling use cases.

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Table Of Contents:

  • Executive Summary
  • Proven Innovation, Leadership, and Ecosystem Development
  • Software-Centric Networking Innovation
  • Leadership 5G Standards
  • Ecosystem Development
  • AT&T Labs
  • AT&T Foundry
  • Enterprise And Consumer Proof Points
  • Call To Action

Companies Cited

  • Amdocs
  • AT&T
  • Bell Labs
  • Cisco
  • Ericsson
  • Nexar
  • NoTraffic
  • Nokia
  • Samsung
  • Time Warner
  • Vorpal
  • WarnerMedia