RESEARCH PAPER: Are Software Defined WANs Ready For The Enterprise?

For too long, enterprises have been locked in a world where the advanced Wide Area Network (WAN) functionality that was required to help expand their businesses and make them more agile has been unattainable due to cost or complexity (or both). As the global business environment continues to speed up, and companies need to be more agile to either gain a competitive edge or just keep up, the need for an automated WAN orchestration has gone from a dream to a necessity.  With bandwidth being pushed to its limits, the high cost and relatively low bandwidth of Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) lines are being challenged by broadband for businesses. But broadband does not offer the same features or dependability that enterprises have come to rely on with MPLS for their WAN services.  Just as Software Defined Networks are bringing an opportunity to redefine the structure and economics of the data center, can Software Defined WANs do the same for the WAN space? Glue Networks is one vendor that is delivering a solution in this space that merits a close look if your enterprise is relying on Cisco routing today and you demand more flexibility or better performance from your WAN.

Table of Contents

  • Are Today’s WAN Solutions Flexible Enough?
  • The Challenge with Today’s WANs
  • Maximizing the Investment
  • The Software Defined WAN
  • Glue Networks
  • The Next Generation Intelligent WAN
  • Glue Networks Savings
  • Target Environments
  • Moor Insights & Strategy’s Recommendation
  • Important Information About This Paper

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