RESEARCH PAPER: AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution: A Real Game Changer

PC and console gaming drives graphics innovation like few other applications, but the very pace of technology improvements creates barriers for players and developers alike. Games running in native 4K resolution require powerful and expensive graphics cards and screens with high refresh rates but still can suffer from low frames-per- second (FPS) performance rates and latency problems. Even among enthusiasts, the costs associated with buying the latest hardware usually outweigh the gaming experience, due to the rendering time for such ultra-high-definition environments. But the longer gamers hold on to their systems, the less satisfactory the gaming experience becomes as games incorporate ever richer, more compelling, and immersive environments.

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Table Of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • FSR Consumer Benefits
  • FSR Developer Benefits
  • How FSR Works
  • Conclusion
  • Figure 1: FSU Supported Hardware
  • Figure 2: FSR Supported Titles At Launch
  • Figure 3: The Graphics Pipeline
  • Table 1: FSR Resolutions

Companies Cited:

  • AMD
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