RESEARCH PAPER: Accelerating Data Insights And Actions Across The Enterprise

Edge computing is one of the newest trends driving excitement in the industry, but there is significance and depth to it unlike other trends. Edge computing offers greater operational efficiency through the promise of real-time insight and action to organizations of all sizes and types. To achieve greater operational efficiency, organizations should look to adopt an edge deployment where Operational Technologies (OT) are physically integrated into the same edge Information Technology (IT) systems. Organizations can then leverage the power of the advanced analytics platforms and methods that emerged in IT organizations. This provides not only new levels of insight, but also control and action using platforms with functional, physical, and virtual convergence.

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Table Of Contents:

  • Summary
  • The Dimensions Of Convergence
  • HPE Converges OT And IT At The Edge
  • Physical Convergence With HPE Edgeline EL300, EL1000, And EL4000
  • Software Defined OT Through HPE Edgeline Services Platform
  • Speeding Up Edge And IoT Deployments With OTLink
  • Why The Convergence Of OT And IT Matters
  • HPE’s Strategy In Action
  • Call To Action
  • Figure 1: The Interdependencies Of OT-IT Convergence
  • Figure 2:  OT-IT Convergence Supported By HPE
  • Figure 3: Comparing The EL300, EL1000, And EL4000
  • Figure 4: HPE Convergence Of OT And IT On Edgeline
  • Figure 5: HPE Support For OT-IT Convergence By Industry

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