RESEARCH PAPER: A New Ecosystem For A New Era In Compute

We live in a distributed world where APIs and microservices rule the datacenter, and the datacenter is no longer a physical construct; rather, it’s a combination of clouds, edges and remote computing centers that drive the modern business. Cloud computing and edge computing require applications to be more mobile, resilient, manageable and secure, and this need, in turn, led to the emergence of distributed computing. Applications are no longer monolithic; rather, they are comprised of microservices. These applications are deployed across infrastructure – a range of servers and other compute platforms in multiple locations – to achieve those design goals of resiliency, mobility, manageability and security.

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Table Of Contents

  • Introduction – The Changing Ecosystem And It’s Importance
  • Distributed Architectures Crave Flexibility
  • Cloud-Native Rules The Modern Datacenter
  • Edge Introduces Both Opportunity And Challenges
  • The Importance Of “Open Silicon” In An Open Source World
  • Arm – The Cornerstone Of The Open Source Hardware And Software Ecosystem
  • Neoverse – The Manifestation Of Arm’s Datacenter Vision
  • What The Future Holds
  • Call To Action
  • Figure 1: Edge To Cloud To Datacenter
  • Figure 2: The Arm Ecosystem
  • Figure 3: Arm Neoverse IP Schedule

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