Zoom Partners with Anthropic

By Melody Brue, Patrick Moorhead - May 20, 2023

Zoom has partnered with Anthropic, an AI safety and research company, to bring the Claude large language model (LLM) chatbot to its Zoom Contact Center portfolio. This collaboration follows Zoom’s integration of OpenAI’s ChatGPT LLM into Zoom IQ. Zoom has adopted a federated approach to AI, incorporating various AI models, including its proprietary models, third-party LLMs, and select customers’ models. This flexibility allows Zoom to customize AI models based on specific business needs. The partnership with Anthropic also includes a strategic investment by Zoom Ventures. Claude, the AI assistant developed by Anthropic, is a chatbot designed to assist users in various tasks and interactions. It has a large context window, enabling it to comprehend lengthy text quickly. Claude can be customized to align with specific brand requirements and escalate issues to human interaction when necessary. By integrating AI assistants like Claude, Zoom aims to enhance productivity, streamline processes, and improve the employee experience while addressing potential job displacement concerns. Integrating AI in the workplace poses two challenges for employees: the fear of job displacement and concerns regarding employee engagement and fear. Job displacement anxiety stems from the potential for AI to replace certain roles, while skepticism and fear arise from worries about job security and the loss of the human touch. Companies must address these challenges by addressing employee concerns, providing AI training, and effectively managing the workforce.

Melody Brue
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Mel Brue is vice president and principal analyst covering modern work and financial services. Mel has more than 25 years of real tech industry experience in marketing, business development, and communications across various disciplines, both in-house and at agencies, with companies ranging from start-ups to global brands. She has built a unique specialty working in technology and highly regulated spaces, such as mobile payments and finance, gaming, automotive, wine and spirits, and mobile content, ensuring initiatives address the needs of customers, employees, lobbyists and legislators, as well as shareholders. 

Patrick Moorhead
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Patrick founded the firm based on his real-world world technology experiences with the understanding of what he wasn’t getting from analysts and consultants. Ten years later, Patrick is ranked #1 among technology industry analysts in terms of “power” (ARInsights)  in “press citations” (Apollo Research). Moorhead is a contributor at Forbes and frequently appears on CNBC. He is a broad-based analyst covering a wide variety of topics including the cloud, enterprise SaaS, collaboration, client computing, and semiconductors. He has 30 years of experience including 15 years of executive experience at high tech companies (NCR, AT&T, Compaq, now HP, and AMD) leading strategy, product management, product marketing, and corporate marketing, including three industry board appointments.