Tech Announcements from Ampere, HPE, and Meta

By Matt Kimball, Patrick Moorhead - May 29, 2023

Ampere showed off its next-gen server CPU, codenamed Siryn. This 192-core part breaks with the trend of multi-core modules (MCM) by placing all (single-threaded) cores on a single die with a mesh interconnect for improved performance. In addition to this extremely high core count, the compute package has been upgraded to support PCIe v5 and DDR v5. Adding more memory channels (currently eight) would have been a very nice addition to drive more balanced performance. With Intel and AMD coming out with higher core count parts, Ampere’s move makes sense – this gives CSPs greater performance density, especially for general-purpose compute workloads. I will look forward to seeing some benchmarking that shows performance v similarly configured platforms based on Intel and AMD.

HPE announced news around its Ezmeral portfolio, creating two major offering categories – Data Fabric and Unified Analytics Software suite. The theme of this reorganization seems to be focused on simplicity. HPE has made several acquisitions in the data management space over the last few years that vary in functionality. Many bespoke solutions to solve a lot of unique needs. Bringing all these technologies under one portfolio is smart – and perhaps the first step to a unified, integrated platform.

Meta is developing an AI inference and video encoding chips. Shocking? Not entirely. Much like Google, Meta has a homegrown software stack that is finely tuned to drive its various platforms. Building custom silicon that powers this environment makes perfect sense. I think what is more interesting is seeing another hyperscaler choosing to design and deploy its own silicon rather than purchasing off-the-shelf silicon. If you were wondering, RISC V is the silicon platform of choice. With all of the buzz that has been around Arm in the cloud, RISC V offers a compelling value prop for hyperscalers developing environment, platform, and software-specific silicon. And for systems companies building industry specific solutions.

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Matt Kimball is a Moor Insights & Strategy senior datacenter analyst covering servers and storage. Matt’s 25 plus years of real-world experience in high tech spans from hardware to software as a product manager, product marketer, engineer and enterprise IT practitioner.  This experience has led to a firm conviction that the success of an offering lies, of course, in a profitable, unique and targeted offering, but most importantly in the ability to position and communicate it effectively to the target audience.

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