Moor Insights & Strategy Weekly Update Ending July 22, 2022

By Patrick Moorhead - July 25, 2022

I hope you all had a great few weeks

This week, I will be attending Zoho Days in Austin.  Will is traveling to Boston to attend AWS re:Inforce.

Last week, Will attended LoRaWAN World Expo and Samsung Networks Analyst Event.  Steve attended OVH Cloud Summit.

Over the last few weeks, our MI&S team published 72 deliverables: 

The press quoted us with 22 citations.  Journalists wanted to hear about 3G, 5G, Apple, Broadband, Ericsson, Fintech,, HPE, Micron, NVIDIA, and Samsung. 

Last week’s MIS Quick Insights:

A.I./Machine Learning (Paul Smith-Goodson)

  • We are starting to see more AI competition in NLP. Although OpenAI and the GPT-3 model are leaders, it looks as though AI21 Labs might be closing the gap. It just raised $64 million in funding. The funds will be used to work on NLP advancements. It previously raised over $600 million in funding by a round led by Ahren. AI21's Jurassic-1 model is close to the size of GPT-3, and it serves as a platform for AIaaS. I have used one of its products, WordTune, and I can attest to its accuracy and ability to produce excellent output.  A company to watch.

 AR/VR (Anshel Sag)

  • N/A


  • I spent time recently with Samsung Networks at its recent analyst day event. My biggest takeaway is its unique position as the leading vRAN infrastructure provider. It is an interesting manifestation given Samsung has historically been a laggard in RAN platforms relative to Ericsson, Nokia, and Huawei.            


  • Storage- (Steve McDowell) 
    • It was all about GreenLake at the recent HPE Discover event in Las Vegas, and data services were front-and-center. HPE announced a new HCI capability, HPE GreenLake for HCI, based on its existing dHCI solution.  HPE GreenLake for HCI is a powerful new capability that allows a customer to migration virtual machines between a GreenLake instance and the public cloud, with Amazon’s AWS as its first cloud target. This is a powerful capability and one that recognizes that multi-cloud has become a fact-of-life in enterprise infrastructure. 
    • HPE has brought public cloud protection to its HPE Backup and Recovery Service. The new capabilities allow HPE customers to protect their AWS EBS Volumes and EC2 instances as easily as they now can on-prem infrastructure. This is another excellent example of HPE recognizing the shifting tides of enterprise IT and providing branded offerings for public cloud users. 
    • Scale Computing, which has been delivering HCI solutions for over a dozen years, has taken in $55M in new funding as the company targets its well-proven HCI technology at edge computing. Edge has been an excellent market for Scale, and its software has capabilities that are very attractive in edge deployments — including the ability to run on Intel NUC-sized devices. A nice boost for Scale. 
    • Some new market numbers are floating around that document what looks like the accelerating demise of the traditional spinning hard-disk drive. Nearly all of the decline in mechanical hard drives stems from the reality that most new client computers (laptops, desktops, and the like) now ship with flash drives, not HDDs.  Things are a little different in the enterprise, where HDDs still have a solid footing in both nearline and cold storage. Enterprise near-line storage has been flat in 2022 but is predicted to rise during the second half.  QLC flash is slowly making inroads into this space, but HDDs aren’t going anywhere soon in the datacenter.
  • Networking- (Will Townsend) 
    • AWS recently announced the general availability of its Cloud WAN solution. Sold as a managed service, it's a smart move and likely an easy cross-sale into the hyper scalers existing enterprise customer base. However, it does create some conflict with AWS's partnerships with the likes of Cisco and HPE, not unlike the cloud provider’s recently announced 5G as a service.   
  • Server- (Matt Kimball)   
    • N/A

FinTech (Melody Brue)

  • N/A

IIoT and IoT (Bill Curtis)

  • N/A

Personal Computing/ Collaboration (Anshel Sag) 

  • N/A

Quantum Computing (Paul Smith-Goodson)

  • qBraid provides a cloud-based IDE for quantum computing. It announced an SDK in its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) qBraid Lab platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The SDK provides an agnostic “write-once-and-submit” function that allows quantum circuits to be simultaneously sent to multiple quantum computers with any hardware architecture using any cloud service provider. 
  • NVIDIA is pushing further into quantum. Last year it released the cuQuantum SDK for implementing a high-performance simulation of quantum programs using GPUs. It just announced a new platform called QODA (Quantum-Optimized Device Architecture) that enhances the use of quantum-classical programs such as VQE in hybrid computing environments using both GPUs and quantum QPUs. 
    • QODA's primary programming interface is C++, but Python is planned to be added later. And the compiler, called NVQ++, will utilize the QIR (Quantum Intermediate Representation), which will make it easier to add more hardware backends in the future. 
    • NVIDIA also announced multiple partnerships for testing QODA.  QM Quantum Computers, Pasqal, Quantinuum, Quantum Brilliance, and Xanadu are hardware providers. The software providers are QC Ware and Zapata Computing.  Supercomputing centers are Forschungszentrum Jülich, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. NVIDIA expects to add more partners.  
    • Hybrid classical-quantum computing is integral to quantum, so this should benefit the entire ecosystem. General availability is anticipated in early 2023.

Retail Tech (Melody Brue)

  • N/A

Security (Will Townsend)

  • Word on Capitol Hill is that over a dozen bills targeted at cybersecurity defense for the federal government are close to approval. It is a massive amount of money – over $15B, with the majority earmarked for the Department of Defense. Throwing money into cybersecurity is not adequate. I hope federal agencies strategically engage security to ensure proper hygiene and control.          

Space (Paul Smith-Goodson)

  • N/A   

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Blogs Published (MI&S)                                                              

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  26. Atom Computing Sets A World-Record Coherence Time For Neutral Atom Qubits, by Paul Smith-Goodson
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Research Paper(s):

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    • What's interesting about smart buildings and HVAC systems? 
    • Edge is an operational problem, not a data problem.
    • Special considerations for making buildings smart.
    • Not your normal tech market: selling technology into the facilities management space.
    • Challenges of recruiting tech talent into a specialized engineering segment. 
    • Intersection of Edge, SaaS, and IT: how do you create a new kind of environment?
    • What's next in this space, and for Embue?

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New Gear or Software We are Using and Testing that is Public Knowledge 

  • HP Omen 45L Desktop 
  • HP Omen 27c Gaming Monitor 
  • Lumina webcam
  • MSI Creator 15 OLED Laptop
  • Microsoft Surface Go 3 with LTE
  • Samsung S22 Ultra and S22.

Events MI&S Plans on Attending In-Person or Virtually (New) 

  • July
    • Zoho Days, Austin, July 25-27 (Patrick Moorhead)
    • AWS Re:Inforce, Boston, July 26-27 (Will Townsend)
  • August
    • Flash Memory Summit, Aug 2-4, Santa Clara (Steve McDowell)
    • Advisory, Seattle, August 16-17 (Patrick Moorhead)
    • T-Mobile Analyst Summit – Bellevue, August 17-18 (Will Townsend)
    • Hot Chips, Aug 21-23, virtual (Steve McDowell)
    • VMware Explore, San Francisco, Aug 29-Sept 1 (Matt Kimball, Steve McDowell, Patrick Moorhead, Will Townsend)
  • September
    • Quantum Open House Event, TBD (Paul Smith-Goodson)
    • Intel InnovatiON, San Jose, Sept 27-28 (Steve McDowell)
    • SNIA Storage Developer Conference, San Jose, Sept 28-29 (Steve McDowell)
    • MWC Americas – Las Vegas, September 29-30 (Will Townsend) 
  • October
    • Google Cloud Next, October 11-13 (Patrick Moorhead)
    • Oracle CloudWorld, Las Vegas, October 16 (Matt Kimball, Patrick Moorhead, Steve McDowell)
    • Open Compute Global Summit, October 18-20 (Steve McDowell)
    • 5G Americas Analyst Forum – Dallas, October 19-20 (Will Townsend)
    • Austin GP, Austin, October 21 (Patrick Moorhead)
    • Advisory, NYC, October 24-27 (Patrick Moorhead)
  • November
    • Micron Insights 2022, San Francisco (Patrick Moorhead)
    • AWS re:Invent, Las Vegas (Patrick Moorhead)
    • Total Telecom Congress – London, November 1-2 (Will Townsend)
    • 5G Techritory – Riga, November 29-December 1 (Will Townsend)
  • January
    • CES 2022, Las Vegas, January 5-7 (Patrick Moorhead)


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