RESEARCH BRIEF: Rambus Smart Data Acceleration

As an industry, if real progress is to be made towards the level of computing that the future mandates, then the way computing problems are attacked must change.
The von Neumann execution model has and will continue to serve us well, but additional techniques must be brought to bear.

The next logical focus area is data—how it is accessed, and how it is transformed into real information—that leads to a final solution. No longer can all of memory simply continue to be an element that holds the program commands and data during execution. Memory must become an active part of the solution, rather than a necessary evil.Image

Table of Contents

  • Memory and Data Access: The Final Frontier
  • So what’s this all about?
  • The Rambus SDA Research Program
  • The Rambus SDA Research Platform
  • “Piece de Resistance”
  • Dream a Little Dream with Me
  • Figure 1: Rambus SDA Focus Areas
  • Figure 2: Rambus SDA Engine
  • Figure 3: Comparative Read & Write Latency

You can download the paper here.

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