RESEARCH BRIEF: Fifty Shades of Open Networking

Most networking vendors are getting on the “open networking” bandwagon, but unfortunately many appear to be approaching it defensively with a foot in both the proprietary and open camps. They see open networking as a hedge against a market that is pushing towards more openness, while they hope to keep selling proprietary products. The continuum of offerings being pitched as “open” networking spans from vaguely open to fully open. And while most customers are still in the investigative phase of open networking, the disparity of offerings is confusing and in some cases lackluster.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Customers Are Looking for a Change
  • Open Networking Changes the Game
  • The View from the Customer
  • Open Networking Continues to Gain Momentum
  • Call to Action
  • Figure 1: Open Networking Concepts
  • Figure 2: Open Networking Continuum
  • Figure 3: Open Networking Adoption Matrix

You can download the paper here.

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