RESEARCH BRIEF: AMD 6th Generation Processor Brings Best-in-Class Game Streaming to Windows™ 10

Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 10, offers gamers new opportunities to stream games and content from their Xbox One to their PCs. This functionality is unique to Windows 10 and requires a certain set of parameters to be met. One of these parameters is ample PC hardware to perform the appropriate decoding for a smooth, high- quality game streaming experience. AMD’s newest 6 notebooks—codenamed Carrizo and launched in June 2015—features a special video decoder capable of decoding HD video such as Xbox One game streams efficiently, smoothly, and with very high quality. This report looks at how AMD’s 6 Processor notebooks are positioned to fulfill the needs of an Xbox One gamer streaming games to a PC.

Table of Contents

  • Summary
  • The Prevalence of Game Streaming Today
  • Microsoft’s Xbox One Streaming to Windows 10
  • Xbox One’s Architectural Similarities to AMD’s 6th Generation Processors
  • Carrizo’s Design is Optimized for Streaming & Battery Life
  • AMD’s 6th Generation Processor is Designed for Gaming
  • Call to Action

You can download the paper here.

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