Pure Storage’s Upcoming Accelerate Event Is the Place To Be If You View Data As A Strategic Asset

Accelerate 2019, Austin, TX

I attend around 40 technology vendor or tech association events each year. That gives me a better understanding of each company’s strategies and offerings so that I can make recommendations and, for the lack of a better term, “grade” the vendors on their capabilities. This September 15th-18th Pure Storage will hold its annual Accelerate conference at the Austin Convention Center in my home base of Austin, TX. I am excited about this event, and not just because I can walk to it from my downtown condo.

Pure Storage is a company that we at Moor Insights & Strategy have been following very closely over the past several years as we’ve watched Pure stake out a leadership position in the hybrid cloud storage space. I was impressed with last year’s Data Hub Storage Architecture, and was pleased with the development earlier this year when it announced it was acquiring Compuverde with its unstructured data capabilities.

Pure Storage clearly understands the value of data as a strategic asset and I believe Accelerate 2019 promises to be the place to be for any enterprise, developer, analyst, or industry insider who shares this viewpoint. Let’s take a look at what Pure has in store for its premier customer and partner conference.

It’s all about data, dummy

Data is key to the future of businesses, and enterprise IT needs to have a data strategy to unlock the value of that data.  I have written a lot about that over the past years. The key to unlocking the potential of this data though is recognizing that different kinds of data work best in different homes—whether we’re talking on-prem, at the edge, or in the public cloud. One of Pure’s core value propositions is that it is the one of the only storage companies to unify all three of these data vectors.

Pure Storage customers don’t have to make trade-offs in choosing between private, hybrid, and multi-cloud and the company is aggressive in pointing out that it “liberates customers’ data” from the restrictions of cold data and lock-ins. Who wouldn’t like that?

Pure’s Accelerate show focuses on teaching attendees on how to turn data into a strategic asset.  This allows those who attend to better understand how they can explore new routes to market, such as XaaS, to improve customer loyalty and be more agile.

You may be asking, “where’s the storage”? Pure sells storage, but this show is more about what a company can do to derive value from data.  Storage, when smartly deployed, is a means to that end. Pure Storage understand this, and the Accelerate conference focuses on enabling IT builders and makers to execute their business strategies.

Customized for “Builders,” “Makers” and “Drivers”

With all this in mind, Pure Storage has evolved its 2019 conference in several different ways. The thing that really sticks out to me about the 2019 conference is the bespoke content directed towards so-called “builders,” “makers,” and “drivers” who are busy conceptualizing and constructing the next generation of IT. “Builders” include people like storage and virtualization administrators, along with cloud and infrastructure architects. “Makers” include VP admins and down, while “drivers” refers to C-level executive track folks and CIOs.

As you would expect, tracks and topics span the gamut across these audiences, including:

  • Unlocking Data’s Potential for Digital Transformation
  • AI’s Impact on Business
  • Business Advantage of Data Analytics
  • Using Data to Drive Growth & Productivity
  • Accelerating business apps
  • Enabling hybrid cloud
  • Modernizing data protection
  • Building a Data Hub
  • Enabling DevOps agility
  • Unifying VMware clouds
  • Pure Basecamp

Focus on “Builders”

Pure cares a lot about Makers and drivers, but the 2019 conference appears to be putting a particular emphasis on the “builders.” Pure estimates that half of its Accelerate content is targeted here.

This audience will have access to many tracks and topics that include enabling hybrid cloud, modernizing data protection, building a data hub, accelerating business applications, and more—all with the end goal of embedding Pure Storage technology into an organizations’ hybrid IT strategy. “Builders” can take advantage of various meetups, attend any of 150 breakouts and demos to learn various tips and tricks of the trade. In addition, builders can take advantage of training and certifications that I outline below.

Cloud training and accreditation

One of the things I love about the Accelerate 2019 agenda is that builders can now get certified on leading public platforms at the show for no extra cost. This includes training and certification for Splunk, a four-hour Amazon AWS training (with no certification), and a VMware training with a VVols Deep Dive Jump Start Program, and there are more to come.

These training and certifications open up future career opportunities for attendees, which in my mind is a huge differentiator for Accelerate this year. Imagine that you are a storage administrator in a world where the storage infrastructure is “autonomous.” That world is coming faster than you think. The best thing that an administrator can do is become educated and certified on the leading cloud platforms. This will prepare you for a future as a cloud administrator, which is a critical skill in an increasingly multi-cloud world.

Wrapping up

All in all, Pure Accelerate 2019 looks to be shaping up to be a great conference. I highly encourage anyone who views data as a strategic asset to attend. The various certifications and training available guarantee it should be a particularly enlightening opportunity for builders and those responsible for architecting and modernizing their enterprise’s hybrid IT infrastructure. Stay tuned for my event recap and take on any news coming out of the event. You can see more about the conference here.

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