Moor Insights & Strategy Weekly Update Ending March 29, 2024

By Patrick Moorhead - April 1, 2024

The Moor Insights & Strategy team hopes you had a great week!

Last week, Melody attended Enterprise Connect.  Robert attended ElasticON.  Melody (virtually), Robert, and I attended the Adobe Summit in Las Vegas.

This week, Will will be attending Fortinet Accelerate in Las Vegas.

Next week, we will be attending several events; Intel Vision (Matt), Software AG IUG Dublin (Robert), Google Cloud Next (myself, Matt, Melody, and Robert), and NTT Upgrade (Will).

Our MI&S team published 9 deliverables:

Last week, the press quoted us with 11 citations. They wanted to hear about Apple, AWS, Broadcom, and HPE.


MIS Quick Insights: `

A.I./Machine Learning (Paul Smith-Goodson)

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AR/VR/XR (Anshel Sag)

  • Apple is finally starting to take advantage of its MLS partnership with Vision Pro, releasing an immersive short of the 2023 MLS Playoffs for Vision Pro. I suspect that Apple will continue to push its sports relationships to get people to consume 3D content, which will likely drive demand in the industry unlike there has ever been before.
  • Apple’s WWDC 24 announcement focuses heavily on improving Vision Pro through improvements to VisionOS, which many call VisionOS 2.0. There is much room for improvement, so it’s not a huge surprise that Apple will continue to iterate. Additionally, Vision Pro will launch in China later this year, which Meta cannot do.
  • Sony’s PSVR2 firmware appears to include new support for NVIDIA GPUs, which further points to the PSVR2 becoming a PC VR headset, something that seems to have become more of a necessity now that its sales are stalling due to a lack of content.

Carrier/Wireless (Will Townsend)

  • AT&T’s recent announcement to expand its Internet Air 5G fixed wireless access (FWA) service for consumers to businesses marks a new direction for the company. It has historically led with a “fiber first” strategy. Still, with FWA it could capture incremental revenue, especially with small to medium-sized businesses that value the ease of installation and provisioning.

Client Computing (Anshel Sag)

  • The DoJ’s lawsuit against Apple is just phase one of a multi-year effort, which will keep Apple’s fans and its detractors busy. I also believe that the European DMA will be a driver of how many other regulators approach Apple’s tactics and how they deal with Apple’s Compliance
  • Through an Intel presentation on the acceleration of its AI PC program, Microsoft appears to have defined what it believes to be an AI PC. This new definition requires any kind of AI accelerator (GPU, CPU, NPU) paired with Microsoft CoPilot and has a copilot key. Surprisingly, there is no performance requirement, which might mean that Microsoft hopes to fill any gaps with cloud-based AI processing on systems without powerful NPUs. However, it also appears that for a system to run CoPilot locally, it must have at least 40 TOPS of NPU performance, which only leaves the Snapdragon X Elite until AMD and Intel come to market with next-gen products late this year.

CRM (Melody Brue)

  • N/A


Networking– (Will Townsend)

  • Broadcom is making a compelling case for using Ethernet over NVIDIA’s InfiniBand for next-generation AI workload connectivity. At a recent AI-themed analyst day, it demonstrated its capabilities by connecting GPUs and custom and merchant accelerators within hyperscale environments.
  • Broadcom’s success in delivering Ethernet at scale is undisputed and includes network adapters, PHY and PoE solutions, switches and switch fabric devices, software, and reference designs. At a high level, Broadcom’s development of its next-generation Tomahawk, Jericho, and Thor solutions represents a leap forward in silicon design, delivering attractive cost points relative to InfiniBand and making them highly viable considerations for power-hungry AI applications. It also demonstrates that Broadcom’s merchant silicon can compete head-to-head with more custom, purpose-built offerings from Intel.

Compute/Storage/Cloud (Matt Kimball)

  • N/A

Data Security  (Robert Kramer)

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ESG (Melody Brue)

  • Siemens has launched a new product label, Siemens EcoTech, aiming to enhance sustainability transparency within the industry. The EcoTech label provides detailed profiles for each product, enabling customers to compare sustainability credentials directly with market standards and predecessor products. The eco-design criteria on the labels are sustainable materials, optimal use and value recovery, and circularity. By transparently disclosing these criteria, Siemens aims to empower customers to make informed decisions that support their sustainability goals. At launch, the Siemens EcoTech label covers a range of products across the Siemens portfolio for infrastructure and industrial applications. The initial phase includes the SENTRON ECPD (electronic circuit protection device) and the industrial PC Simatic IPC BX-39.

Enterprise Data (Robert Kramer)

  • Cloudera polled over 600 data leaders and senior IT decision-makers about the state of modern data architectures and how the rise of AI is impacting data strategies. 90% of IT leaders believe that unifying the data lifecycle on a single platform is critical for analytics and AI. Respondents there are problems because of quality and availability of data (36%), scalability and deployment challenges (36%), integration with existing systems (35%), change management (34%), and model transparency (34%). This shows the magnitude of foundational data and data management strategies required when organizations invest in AI. See my EDT series and discussions around data quality here.

ERP/SCM (Robert Kramer)

  • Blue Yonder to acquire One Network Enterprises. This estimated $839 Million acquisition creates a solid supply chain ecosystem, and once completed, Blue Yonder will be able to serve customers more across planning, execution, commerce, and networks. A few benefits:
    • This estimated $839 Million acquisition creates a solid supply chain ecosystem. A few benefits:
      • Brings real-time, multi-enterprise optimization and collaboration throughout the supply chain.
      • Customers can instantly transition from the orders to the fulfillment phase, removing the usual delay between placing the order and starting its physical fulfillment. More actionable data across the ecosystem is available to set up alerts, benefiting from automation and leveraging GAI.
      • Visibility across the supply chain allows for better upstream and downstream collaboration.
      • It helps eliminate data silos for a complete view of the supply chain – for the ability to optimize technology for decisions.
      • Carriers and suppliers will have access to new services such as advanced shipment scheduling management, telematics tracking, predictive insights, real-time visibility to on-time delivery trends (by site, lane, carrier, distribution center), and the ability to manage by exception.
    • More to come, but this acquisition should make some waves in the SCM and ERP industries.
    • Adobe
      • The 2024 Adobe Summit ended this week, featuring many updates and raising questions. The overall Adobe Digital Experience Platform is extensive but can appear complex, depending on the user’s technical background and need to access it. I do like the capability to personalize marketing with the platform. Bringing the correct information to the right customers. Let’s look at a few innovations:
      • DATA
        • Adobe Experience Platform AI Assistant
        • Conversational interface within Adobe apps
        • Federated Audience Composition
        • It provides the ability to bring select data from warehouses into the Adobe CDP
        • Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform (CDP) Collaboration
        • Clean room for collaboration of applications, brands, and publishers within the CDP
      • CONTENT
        • Adobe GenStudio
          • With GAI, you can plan, create, manage, activate, and measure on-brand content – plus optimize the ‘Content Supply Chain’ for marketing campaigns and personalized customer experiences.
        • Adobe Firefly Services and Custom Models
          • Allows the capabilities to produce content to deliver personalization.
          • I anticipate Firefly will provide long-term benefits with its fantastic personalization features.
        • Updates to Content Credentials were announced, which are now integrated across Creative and Enterprise applications and supported in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Assets.
        • Unified experimentation in Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) and Adobe Journey Optimizer (AJO)
          • Helps brands optimize customer paths that drive the reuse of offers across channels.
        • AJO delivers enhanced brand-initiated journey orchestration.
          • It connects campaigns with real-time customers for the right communication.
        • AJO B2B Edition
          • It focuses on the account-specific buying group journey through collaboration throughout the B2B revenue lifecycle.
        • One of my favorite presentations was by CMO Eric Hall and Major League Baseball (MLB) on how Adobe impacts the baseball game and enhances the fan experience on multiple levels.
        • I do not understand some of the platform’s expansion, such as federated audience composition. The name seems misplaced or could be a feature of the CDP rather than being labeled with a cumbersome name. The issue of not prioritizing unstructured data in the CDP needs to be sufficiently explained.

Financial Tech (Melody Brue)

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HCM (Melody Brue)

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IIoT and IoT (Bill Curtis)

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Modern Work (Melody Brue)

  • This past week, I attended Enterprise Connect in Orlando. The Unified Communications and Collaborations show was heavy on collaboration this year. The show was full of announcements of new products and features for workplace collaboration, like Zoom’s new Workspace platform, multiple updates in Microsoft Teams and 365 Copilot, and new hardware from HP Poly and Cisco. It also included collaboration of companies and partnering on customer offerings. There were countless announcements during the three-day event – and yes, a lot of AI –which I will cover in a write-up soon.
  • In general, the AI narrative progressed from last year’s announcements of what could be to the value AI is starting to show in certain use cases. It is very apparent that adoption is critical in demonstrating value, but I think the industry has a way to go with solidly defining and quantifying the ROI for AI. I have yet to see a substantial case study in the UCaaS/Collab space that isn’t primarily anecdotal and focused on outputs rather than outcomes. What I find interesting about AI is realizing the adaptive intelligence it can unlock in humans. Of course, there are cases where AI might replace jobs, but I see tremendous potential for AI to supercharge human intelligence. This type of ROI – which could be defined as a return on an individual (employee) goes beyond quantifying time saved writing an email or attending meetings to maximizing analytical, creative, and practical intelligence by augmenting human intelligence with AI. I see vendors trying to optimize for this, particularly in CX, sales, and marketing, and I will keep a close eye on those who can articulate the value clearly.

Personal Computing (Anshel Sag)

  • AT&T’s new Internet Air for Business is helping the company expand its FWA offering nationwide, potentially filling gaps in its fiber deployments for small and medium-sized businesses. That said, I believe having AT&T compete with T-Mobile and Verizon’s FWA offerings is a net positive for companies that have traditionally been raked over the coals for internet service.
  • Ericsson and du have reached a new 5G record over 5G SA with a peak download speed of 16.7 Gbps using NR-DC and carrier aggregation with ten carriers per sector on a live network. It utilized eight carriers of mmWave and two carriers of mid-band.
  • China is expected to surpass 1 billion 5G connections this year, helping the global 5G penetration while also helping to modernize China’s infrastructure. This will likely be seen as a political win for China’s government and a way for its operators to justify the investment even if the 5G applications have not yet arrived.

Quantum Computing (Paul Smith-Goodson)

  • Nu Quantum and SoftwareQ are collaborating to develop a fault-tolerant quantum computer, a project supported by the UK and Canadian governments. The initiative, led by Dr. Carmen Palacios-Berraquero, Dr. Vlad Gheorghiu, and Prof. Michele Mosca, aims to address the scaling challenge in quantum computing by networking QC nodes into a larger system. This partnership will explore the requirements for such a network and the feasibility of a multi-core, distributed QC model. The outcome will assess various network topologies, system scales, network performance, and error correction schemes, setting performance targets for a Fault Tolerant Quantum Computer. Innovate UK and the National Research Council of Canada through Project Quarrefour provided funding.
  • IBM has been working on quantum error correction and quantum low-density parity-check (qLDPC) codes for quite some time. It’s a positive that these error correction codes don’t require excessive computational resources. They incorporate redundancy in qubits, using more physical qubits than necessary to encode information and prevent errors.
    • IBM has created the “gross code,” an approach based on qLDPC codes, which optimizes error correction efficiency and reduces the need for extra qubits, enhancing scalability for extensive quantum computing systems. The ratio of physical to logical qubits (n-to-k ratio) is nearing a constant value, indicating reduced overhead as the system expands.
    • IBM’s collaboration with Rutgers and MIT has led to a deeper understanding of the mathematical properties of qubits within quantum codes. This research has uncovered parallels between qubit behavior in quantum codes and the properties of matter, offering valuable insights into the gross code’s application. Quantum error correction is still unsolved, although the gross code is promising.
  • Compared to 2022, 2023 ransomware attacks were up over 84%, and data breaches were up by 78%. SandboxAQ’s AQtive Guard product is now generally available for enterprise cryptography management. The product can identify cryptographic algorithms and manage digital keys, and as part of SandboxAQ’s Security Suite, AQtive Guard can provide proactive security. Its benefits include preventing outages, stronger risk management by eliminating undocumented cryptography risks, streamlined compliance through automation, and readiness for Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) migration.

Security (Will Townsend)

  • Cisco recently published its second annual Cybersecurity Readiness Index. It provides information based on a survey of 8,000 private sector business leaders with cybersecurity responsibilities across 30 global markets. Of note is that half of the respondents have not significantly leveraged AI for security. That interesting data point speaks to generative AI’s potential to help defenders simplify and fortify security operations.

Sustainability  (Melody Brue)

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Columns Published 

Research Notes (MI&S)

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Blogs Published (MI&S)    

  1. The AI PC Turned Professional At MWC 2024, by Anshel Sag
  2. Qualcomm On-Device AI Powers Future Products From Phones To PCs, by Paul Smith-Goodson
  3. Panasonic SoundSlayer Speakers – A Headphone-Free Gaming Experience, by Anshel Sag
  4. Enterprise Data Technology Part 4 — Sustainability Data, by Robert Kramer

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  • Dell U4025QW 40” 5K Monitor
  • HP Z6 Threadripper Workstation


Events MI&S Plans on Attending In-Person or Virtually (New)

  • April 2024
    • Fortinet Accelerate, Las Vegas, April 1-5 (Will Townsend)
    • Intel Vision, Phoenix, Apr 8-9 (Matt Kimball, Paul Smith-Goodson)
    • Google Cloud Next, Las Vegas, April 9-11 (Matt Kimball, Melody Brue, Robert Kramer, Patrick Moorhead, Paul Smith-Goodson)
    • Software AG IUG April 9-11 Dublin, Ireland, April 8-12 (Robert Kramer)
    • NTT Upgrade, San Francisco, April 10-11 (Will Townsend)
    • Appian World, Wash DC, April 15-17 (Robert Kramer)
    • Datacenter World, DC, Apr 15-18 (Matt Kimball)
    • Avaya Analyst Conference, LaJolla, April 16-18 (Melody Brue)
    • Extreme Networks Connect, Fort Worth, April 22-25 (Will Townsend – virtual)
    • Oracle Analyst Database Summit, San Francisco, April 24 (Robert Kramer, Matt Kimball)
    • Oracle Applications and Industries Analyst Summit, Redwood Shores, CA April 24-25 (Melody Brue)
  • May 2024
    • MediaTek Analyst Day, Scottsdale, May 1-3 (Anshel Sag)
    • RSA Conference, San Francisco, May 6-9 (Will Townsend)
    • Red Hat Ansible Fest, Denver, May 7-9, (Matt Kimball)
    • International Super Computing, Hamburg, May 12-16 (Matt Kimball)
    • Blue Yonder, Dallas, May 13-15 (Robert Kramer)
    • HF Convention, Dayton, May 17 – May 19 (Paul Smith-Goodson)
    • Microsoft Build 2024, May 19-20 (Anshel Sag)
    • Informatica World, Las Vegas, May 20-23 (Robert Kramer)
    • IBM Think, Boston, May 20-23 (Patrick Moorhead, Paul Smith-Goodson, Robert Kramer)
    • Dell Tech World, Las Vegas, May 20-23 (Anshel Sag, Patrick Moorhead, Matt Kimball, Will Townsend)
    • Zoom Perspectives, NYC, May 20 -23 (Melody Brue)
    • Nutanix .NEXT, May 21-24, Barcelona (Matt Kimball)
    • Canva, Los Angeles, May 23 (Melody Brue)
    • Computex 2024, May 31-June 5 (Anshel Sag)
  • June 2024
    • Cisco Live US, Las Vegas, June 2-6 (Will Townsend)
    • SAP Sapphire, Orlando, June 3–5 (Melody Brue, Robert Kramer)
    • Snowflake, San Francisco, June 3-5 (Robert Kramer)
    • Zoho Analyst Day & Zoholoics, Austin, June 3-5 (Melody Brue, Robert Kramer)
    • Broadcom Mainframe Analyst Summit, June 5-6, Boston (Matt Kimball)
    • Zscaler Zenith Live, Las Vegas, June 11-13 (Will Townsend)
    • Databricks, San Fran, June 10-13 (Robert Kramer)
    • HPE Discover, June 17-20, Las Vegas (Matt Kimball)
    • Augmented World Expo, Long Beach, June 18 – 20 (Anshel Sag)
    • Pure Storage Accelerate, June 18-21, Las Vegas (Matt Kimball)
  • September 2024
    • Intel Innovation, Sep 23-26 (Matt Kimball)
  • October 2024
    • LogicMonitor, Austin, Oct 2-4 (Robert Kramer)
    • Zoomtopia, San Jose, October 8-9 (Melody Brue)
    • Lenovo Global Analyst Summit & Tech World, 14-17 Oct, Bellevue, WA (Matt Kimball, Paul Smith-Goodson)
    • WebexOne, Miami, October 21-24, (Melody Brue)
    • SAP SuccessConnect, October 28-30 (Melody Brue – virtual)
  • November 2024
    • Dell Tech Analyst Summit, early November, Austin, TX (Matt Kimball)
    • IBM, NYC, Nov 6 – 8 (Paul Smith-Goodson)
  • December 2024



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