Moor Insights & Strategy Content At Mobile World Congress 2015

Moor Insights & Strategy will be on-site at Mobile World Congress 2015 and will be publishing a lot of content throughout the show.

We will be releasing papers, briefs, columns and podcasts below.


Intel’s concept of software-defined infrastructure (SDI) extends the definition of the software-defined datacenter (SDDC). SDI is a re-evaluation of system architecture driven by the requirements of business flow, workloads, and specific applications—not by a menu of hardware available to purchase at the moment. SDI could transform mainstream datacenters and has the potential to displace current datacenter infrastructure and highly available transaction processing systems by the end of this decade. Until now, SDI has been conceptual, but Intel is working to enable real-world usage models to turn the SDI vision into a reality.

  • Bringing Intelligence to the Cloud Edge

    The telecommunications industry is moving to cloud-based technologies at the network edge to help tackle the explosion of mobile video consumption, service mobility, virtualization of Customer-Premise Equipment (CPE), the Internet of Things (IoT), and other latency-sensitive applications. But unfortunately today, much of the compute still happens at the center of the network or on the client device. This situation results in more traffic, higher latency, and less flexibility.
  • The Importance of Leading-Edge Modem Technology

    As power consumption of smartphone processors and displays continues to decrease, modems become a focal point of the power consumption discussion. The modem is, without a doubt, one of the most crucial parts of the smartphone in today’s connected society. With 4G LTE, users consume orders-of-magnitude more data than with 3G. Increased consumption, paired with the advent of cloud technologies, requires that smartphones always be connected to the network—always sending data back and forth. As a result, the modem and RF frontend have become pivotal components of the smartphone in enabling connectivity and doing so without impacting battery life. We test Samsung and Qualcomm modems.