Like a Dog Chasing its Tail: Everything Comes Full-Circle

Over the past 15 years, I have had the opportunity to work in, around, and on the idiosyncratic world of the industry analysts. The experience, witnessed both as a practitioner and as a consultant, in helping over two dozen organizations and our firm training over 3,500 marketing and analyst relations professionals, has taught me a few things:

  1. First and foremost, for vendors, Gartner is an expensive, yet necessary, pain in the neck to deal with (especially around renewal). They are the 10,000 pound Gorilla in the room and their influence at the point-of-sale is unmatched, period

  2. The industry needs to have a strong number 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.  Avis Car Rental used to say, “We’re number two, we try harder”. Difficult times in the industry have caused most of the traditional Tier 1 firms (and many of the Tier 2) to lose focus and relevance all the while their market share is being diluted by the “Stamford Silverback”

  3. There is a better way for vendors to get help in developing, validating, articulating, and pushing their message to the industry rather than leveraging those analysts that have undisclosed hidden conflicts of interest while posing as an independent analyst (pay-for-play), or paying thousands of dollars to get the same content rehashed over and over

When I decided to come full-circle and join the analyst ranks, the decision to come to Moor Insights & Strategy (MI&S) was easy. The firm knows what it is, more importantly, it doesn’t try to be what it isn’t.  There are a lot of firms that provide research and consulting services to vendors.  There is plenty of value to be derived from helping companies with market insight, positioning, and articulation of key messages.  MI&S differentiates itself not just through its research, analysis, and expertise in particular markets, it leverages several media channels to help drive the message and gain further traction and exposure.  For a small boutique firm, the amassed domain knowledge is impressive and the service offerings are broad and tailored to meet each customers needs. Further, MI&S has strict disclosure policies to avoid any conflict between the firm and its customers. While disclosure may be standard practice for end-user facing firms, disclosure policies are normally laxed, and in some cases non-existent, with firms that serve the vendor community.

My focus will be to help vendors in the Cloud Services and Enterprise Software markets. Specifically, at the Intersection of applications, cloud delivery models, and The Internet of Things (IoT). I will be advising clients on Route-to-Market (RTM), Partner & Channel Strategies, and overall marketing/positioning validation.

Historically, the market for enterprise software applications that support business operations has been dominated by projects and products that focus on increasing internal process back office/ERP), external process supply chain, or employee process (front office/CRM) efficiencies and thereby decreasing costs and increasing the control the enterprise has over its operations. Traditional enterprises have typically built systems that are used almost exclusively by employees and focus on internal or employee centered processes.

The proliferation of new consumption models and services delivered through the cloud has changed the way that application providers deploy, integrate, and go-to-market. BYOD and The Internet of Things (IoT) has forced companies to adopt policies and process for accommodating the endpoints and the increase in data.

Each creates a challenge and an opportunity for organizations to take advantage of these business models and develop solutions that revolve around direct interaction with the businesses constituent base; customers, business partners, suppliers, employees, and now endpoints. These models recognize that companies can generate profitable new business opportunities by facilitating interactions, gathering intelligence, and fostering long-term relationships with their constituents. The transition from an organizational process to constituent interaction is rapidly changing how companies go-to-market. The impact is powerful and far-reaching.

Over the next few months I will be publishing more about these topics.  I encourage you to reach out to me at if I can help in any way.