Infinidat Delivers Mission-Critical Storage To Every Size Enterprise

By Patrick Moorhead - September 20, 2022

Infinidat is perhaps the best-kept secret in the storage industry. Over the past decade, the company has quietly delivered some of the most performant and reliable storage that you can buy to serve the needs of high-capacity, high-performance, mission-critical workloads. But the secret is getting out, and organizations of every size are adopting Infinidat's storage technology. 

Infinidat, with its InfiniBox storage solutions, targets workloads that require low-latency, high-throughput access to consolidated data of more than a petabyte. It protects that data with its InfiniGuard purpose-built data-protection appliances. As the storage needs of nearly every size organization are exploding at a staggering rate, Infinidat’s market continues to grow. 

Under the stewardship of CEO Phil Bullinger, the company reported an increase in bookings of over 40% in 2021. In addition, during the final quarter of 2021, the company said it grew bookings by more than 68% year-over-year. The story is even better among Infinidat’s Fortune 100 customers, where the company saw 130% revenue growth. These metrics demonstrate that Infinidat’s solutions are more than meeting the needs of data-hungry IT shops across every enterprise.

Infinidat’s momentum is the direct result of a unique storage architecture that allows the company to service the needs of workloads that legacy storage offerings struggle with. I write about Infinidat in a new research paper that you can read here


InfiniBox is Infinidat’s enterprise storage system. InfiniBox delivers multi-petabyte capacity, 100% availability, and cyber-resilience for a broad range of mixed application workloads. In addition, it includes nearly every feature you could ask for in a high-end enterprise storage box, including zero-impact snapshots, synchronous and asynchronous replication, and flexible, software-defined quality-of-service guarantees.

The secret to InfiniBox’s ability to deliver high-throughput, low-latency storage at this scale is centered around its intelligent, machine-learning trained cache architecture, the Neural Cache. The Neural Cache within each InfiniBox predicts future I/O requests based on its ongoing observation of the access patterns to the data stored on each array.

The Neural Cache allows InfiniBox to preemptively stage data into a DRAM cache and enables an application to access data with more than 100x lower latency than flash storage. But it isn't just about caching.

A critical component of any storage system's performance is in how that system manages metadata. InfiniBox's performance architecture is tuned to reduce the latency that metadata access can impart on any workload. InfiniBox stores all metadata in DRAM, which accelerates both reads and writes. The system also utilizes a patented approach to metadata placement and organization that allows all metadata operations to execute at a consistent latency. 

According to Infinidat, an InfiniBox equipped with a mixture of flash storage and traditional hard drives can deliver up to 25 GB/second of throughput, 2M IOPS, at 50-microsecond latency. In addition, the all-flash InfiniBox SSA II also delivers latency as low as 35 microseconds. At the time of writing this report, no other solutions on the market claim to provide this level of latency performance and scalability. 

Reliability Engineered-In

InfiniBox includes a unique triple active-controller architecture. There are three layers of controller redundancy, coupled with a self-healing architecture based on Infinidat’s patented InfiniRAID data layout and predictive failure analytics. 

Beyond platform-level reliability, data integrity and cyber resilience are critical enterprise storage needs. In addition to its encryption in-flight and at rest with no performance penalty, InfiniBox delivers cyber resilience with its InfiniSafe technology software (available on InfiniBox, InfiniBox SSA II, and Infinidat's purpose-built backup appliance – InfiniGuard). InfiniSafe, included at no extra charge with Infinidat's all-inclusive licensing model, has multiple cyber resilience features, including immutable snapshots, logical local and remote air-gapping, a unique fenced forensic environment, and near-instantaneous recovery. 

While the need for a rapid response and recovery from a cyber-attack or other cyber-resiliency event is a critical priority for any IT organization, no primary storage vendor has offered recovery-time guarantees. Infinidat has changed that, recently announcing its InfiniSafe Cyber Storage guarantee. 

The InfiniSafe Cyber Storage guarantee makes Infinidat the only vendor to offer a recovery-time guarantee in a primary storage array. The new offering from Infinidat ensures that its customers can recover and restore data at near-instantaneous speed by using an immutable snapshot with a guaranteed recovery time of one minute or less. This is an excellent addition to Infinidat's existing 100% availability guarantee. 

InfiniGuard with InfiniSafe

Infinidat addresses data protection with its InfiniGuard products. InfiniGuard combines its InfiniBox and InfiniSafe technology to deliver an industry-leading purpose-built data protection solution. This allows it to meet the needs of the most demanding enterprise. 

The latest-generation InfiniGuard can ingest data at up to 180 TB/hour, with an average throughput of over 4 GB/second. In addition, recovery is near instantaneous, regardless of the backup repository size. 

InfiniGuard solutions scale up to 50 PB of effective capacity. Additionally, the solution includes embedded deduplication engines in a fully active/active configuration with a ready standby node built-in. 

Backed-up data is kept safe against cyber-threats with various protections enabled by InfiniGuard’s InfiniSafe technology. InfiniGuard’s immutable snapshots ensure that backups are protected. InfiniGuard also allows for logical air-gapped protection. 

InfiniGuard also provides a fully isolated, fenced forensic environment unique among data protection products. This ability allows IT to restore a suspect copy of data to inspect, test, or recover without putting any production resources at risk. 

Bringing together the performance and scalability of InfiniBox, along with InfiniSafe’s 100% data protection guarantee, make InfiniGuard with InfiniSafe one of the most attractive data protection solutions on the market.

The Analyst Take

Infinidat has delivered a solution consolidating storage for high-performance, high-capacity mission-critical workloads. As it has done this, Infinidat has proven itself in some of the most demanding enterprises in the world. 

Multi-petabyte-scale storage is no longer a requirement isolated to large enterprises. Indeed, organizations of every size are now managing data at this scale. Infinidat's InfiniBox architecture, recently updated with its next-generation all-flash InfiniBox SSA II, offers compelling functionality with performance and reliability capabilities nearly unmatched within the industry. 

IT organizations across nearly every industry have taken notice of Infinidat. As a result, the company is experiencing record growth, outpacing the overall storage industry. Moreover, Infinidat's momentum may continue for quite some time if traditional storage providers remain locked into legacy storage architectures with limitations. 

Its InfiniBox SSA has the lowest latency, 35µs, of any SAN product currently on the market. In addition, InfiniBox's 100% data availability guarantee is equally unmatched. Organizations needing to consolidate multi-petabyte data or deliver data to mission-critical workloads with high performance should include Infinidat in any evaluation. 

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