Hyperice Releases Their New Flagship Percussion Gun – The Hypervolt Bluetooth And Bluetooth Plus

By Patrick Moorhead - August 20, 2020

Vibration technology has been all the hype these days, and it does not surprise me that the many types of products offered to consumers are growing at an alarming rate. Percussion guns are all over wellness and fitness social media and the rest of the internet. If you live in Austin, Texas, as I do, you will know that it is an active city with many individuals who spend so much time on their bodies they are in need of consistent warmups and recovery methods to not strain their body. Vibration technology massagers have become a "must-have" for both the regular consumer and professional athlete when it comes to recovery. Percussion therapy from this technology can help relieve muscle ache and strain, relieve knots to improve your range of motion, promote blood circulation, and accelerate your warmup and recovery. The company, known as Hyperice, has this therapy down to a T as it launches its flagship third generation of vibration technology devices, the Hypervolt Bluetooth. Their Hypervolt Bluetooth is a state-of-the-art percussion massage gun that delivers a powerful massage in an easy-to-maneuver device. Every piece of the powerful massage gun is engineered for two purposes: providing you a better massage after a warmup and for your post-workout recovery.   

Over the past couple of weeks, I was given a chance to speak with CEO Jim Huether and use the innovative piece of vibration technology myself. I can tell you that Hyperice has consistently been one of the most forward-thinking vibration technology brands in the percussion massage gun market. The California-based percussion creator remains at the top as it releases hit after hit of excellent Hypervolt products, including NormaTec X Hyperice PULSE 2.0, Venom series, Hypersphere line, and more. Hypervolt was the first vibration technology brand to go toe to toe with the Theragunline and continues to hold its own against its other competitors. Offering the latest in innovative materials, software, based primarily in the recovery field, but, again, in the Hypervolt line, it is hit after hit, and It is clear that engineers put an enormous focus on the Hypervolt's design externally and internally. 

"We are implementing the digital space and calling it our environment 'HyperSmart,' and it is the combination that is not just the app and not just the Bluetooth but both. What is crucial is our years of knowledge from scientific experts, pro-athletes, what we know about how the technology can change the [physiology of] the human body, and how we evaluate your data through your wearables and provide curated smart routines to help you improve your wellness." Jim Huether said to me enthusiastically as he walked me through the Hypervolt application.  

This percussion massager offers one of the most refreshed designs compared to its many competitors, with a nearly unmatched motor powerhouse to go with it. If you are familiar with the Hypervolt, the new 2020 model does not have any compelling cosmetic differences in terms of presentation and appearance compared to its predecessors: Hypervolt and Hypervolt Plus. The Hyperice design prefers, like Porsche, to make small refinements. On the other hand, the internal upgrades are a whole different story. All things considered, is the Hypervolt Bluetooth worth it? Let's find out.  

Who is Hyperice?


The Hyperice company has been diving into recovery and all things sports-related since it was founded in 2010 by Anthony 'Ice Man' Katz. Katz started as a history teacher and sports coach, who is now the leader of a flagship company that is only getting started. Hyperice is an innovative leader that has met the standards of the best athletes and consumers worldwide. The products have been mass-produced to provide ordinary consumers, athletes, and pro-athletes the tools to be successful in staying on top of their game by preventing injury, decreasing recovery time, enhancing them body movements, and improving their performance overall. You can watch the story behind Hyperice – here

Being a founder of a small business myself five years ago, I considered myself lucky breaking into an industry and being bought out by one individual. That is the one story I can tell for the rest of my days, but for Anthony Katz, he can reel off over a  dozen stories of influencers that invested in his idea. The primary face of the company is former number-one pick and forward Blake Griffin of the L.A. Clippers, who is an equity investor. Los Angeles, Lakers’ Lebron James, and Kobe Bryant were also among the earliest adopters. Additionally, other well-known athletes with have invested are U.S. Soccer goalie Hope Solo, Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn, Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud, Pittsburg Steelers wide receiver Juju Smith-Schuster, Sacramento Kings forward Rudy Gay, Australian weightlifter Clair Toomey, and Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu. Being that proper recovery and injury prevention has been a major focus for these professional athletes through their career, the relationship with Hyperice was a no-brainer. 

All thanks to these relationships he has built, Katz's company has received the hype and traction it deserves. He has established relationships with some of the most well-known sports players - better yet, sports idols. This one partnership he has created has brought together a wide range of athletes, from the novice to the professional. Just like any business, the public-market wants to wear what their idols do. In this case, it is athletic armor. The best way I can put it is that Hyperice is the Tesla of recovery. Hyperice's gear has been used by pros in all countries around the world. In major U.S. leagues; English Premier Leagues, and U.S. Olympic teams; and even college's around the U.S. such as Stanford, USC, and in my hometown, the University of Texas athletes and like-minded individuals are utilizing their ice, heat, and vibration technology products to assist in rehabilitation.   

Hyperice's rehabilitation products aid in recovery from all injuries while targeting deep muscles to decrease future injury and enhance performance. You have probably seen many of Hyperice's products at a massage therapist, clinic, and other therapeutic businesses. The combination of each product helps hone and reform vibration therapy so individuals, patients, and pro-athletes can reach their goals at a rapid rate.   

We have all been exposed to the growth of technology at such an exponential rate within the last ten years. Recently, it seems as if coming up with an innovative breakthrough that is not a knockoff of another company or idea seems more difficult than ever before. Every generation has a piece of technology that transforms all of us for the better - Hyperice is that technology, changing the way we recover and the way we move.  

Most recently, Hyperice signed a deal with the NBA (National Basketball League) to give each player their own Hypervolt Bluetooth Plus to use at each game. "The NBA has never done a technology recovery partnership like this before. This is the first-ever in this category, which should make a lot of noise," Jim said enthusiastically. I was in awe and surprised to hear that this is the first for the NBA and, most likely, the first of many similar deals in professional sports to come.  

"We all want to move better; we all want to feel better; we all want tools and technology that can help enhance whatever experience we have as an active person. That's the ethos of our company." 

- Anthony Katz, Founder, HYPERICE 

Hyperice flagship device, the Hypervolt Bluetooth

The Hypervolt Bluetooth comes in a straightforward and clean looking rectangular box with a clear image of the device on the packaging, weighing only 2.5 lbs, and featuring an ergonomic handle, and what seems to be a polycarbonate casing, you will find the Hyperice Hypervolt Bluetooth primary device with an unattachable rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Also included in the box: an AC-DC wall charger, the user manual, a quick start guide, six multi-colored cards mentioning the additional products, instructions to download the ‘Hyperice application,’ information about ‘HyperCare,’ and details about each of the five interchangeable head attachments and their dedicated muscle. You’ll also get a trendy buckle carrying case.  Easy, uncomplicated, and simple - this is how I would describe the packaging of the Hypervolt Bluetooth. There was not anything to shout out about, but I feel that is fine, as I do not like anything too complex. 

Once I unpacked the Hypervolt Bluetooth, I could tell right away that it was a durable and sturdy device with a sleek modern design similar in style to its predecessors. The battery was already charged and ready to go. It has a creative and unique design, compared to other types of percussion guns I have used in the past, that would quickly catch my eye if I were personally choosing a portable percussion gun for myself. 

Hyperice Hypervolt Bluetooth and Bluetooth Plus attachments, battery, companion bag and additional components


Each Hypervolt Bluetooth head attachment can be used to target different parts of your body. How do they do this? Each head attachment oscillates back and forth, providing different stimulation and pressure, allowing to reach deep into glutes and some muscles. There is an attachment for every muscle group. 

Flat: 2-inch flat surface for larger surface areas, such as quads, hamstrings, back, and chest.  

Fork: two-pronged bit for longer muscles, such as calves, forearms, biceps, and ankle / Achilles area.  

*After much research, it has come to my knowledge that you should not use the 'Fork' prongs around the Achilles tendon or massage the surrounding tissue.  

Bullet: Arrow-shaped nub for trigger points found in glutes, hips, traps, shoulders, and other complex muscle groups. 

Cushion: Layered cushion for sensitive areas, such as wrist, ankles, knees, traps, and around the neck.  

Ball: 2-inch sphere for sore muscles and a great starter attachment for larger muscle groups.  

Changing the attachments is simple. Each attachment slides easily off and on. With a little twist and pull action, removing is straightforward. The attachments do not click into place or lock. No button to press, just twist and press in – easy. If you happen to lose one of these head attachments, then you must replace all five for $24.99 via the Hyperice site. However, I am sure you could give 'HyperCare' a call and see what exception, if any, they can make for you.  Additionally, it’s important to research and be more knowledgeable about which body groups should or should not be touched my percussion machines.  

“Champions are the ones that overcome” – Naomi Osaka 

The device is intuitive and simple. Press the ‘power’ button underneath the handle of the device until the green LED ring glows around the base of the device; this will indicate the remaining power life. You can repeatedly press the button to choose from three different speeds and a stand-by mode. Once you get a feel for the device, you can begin playing around with the head on your tense body areas. I personally like using the bullet head as it stimulates most of the muscles. I have had issues with muscles near my rib cage and inner shoulder blades for over a year. Of course, I could go to the chiropractor for this and get it adjusted, but, like everyone else, I sometimes just don’t want to spend the money on something like that in the hope it will get better on its own; unfortunately, it wasn’t getting any better. With the Hypervolt, I have finally been able to reach the area of my spine and rib cage where the muscle consistently tightens and has caused me pain for so long. My back has never felt better after using this percussion gun! The chronic pain has been slowly diminishing, and I can finally go about my day without being in constant turmoil. I usually use it on these sore spots for about 10 minutes at a time. Even though I’m pressing rather intensely on my back, it hurts so well. This is perfect for simply having next to me while I work on the computer all day.   

The device has a high torque 60W brushless motor with three levels of powerful percussion: Level 1- 30 Hz / 2,400 PPM; Level 2- 40 Hz / 2,800 PPM; Level 3- 53 Hz / 3,200 PPM. It features it’s ‘QuietGlide technology,’ as well as a built-in pressure sensor with a stall force of 60 lbs. Its pressure sensor technology packs quite the punch in such a lightweight device. If it is powerful enough to get out the kinks and knots for professional athletes, then it is powerful enough for you too. You’ll be able to work out the deepest knots and adhesions. Due to its ‘Quiet Glide technology,’ the decibel level on the Hypervolt Bluetooth only goes up to 79 (compared to 80 to 95+ decibels on other percussion massage devices). The Hypervolt Bluetooth is powerful yet quiet and can be used anywhere without disruption. The Hypervolt Plus lets you massage your muscles without needing to turn up the volume on the TV. However, it does give your body a little shake, which is expected when applying pressure on yourself with this kind of device. As I use it off and on while writing this article with electronic music playing softly in my headphones, I can still barely hear the device. Additionally, each Hypervolt device comes backed with a one-year warranty through Hyperice.   

The new Hypervolt Bluetooth benefits:   

  • Self-myofascial release.  
  • Relieves muscle soreness and loosens tight muscle groups.   
  • Regulates blood and oxygen circulation.  
  • Improves range of motion and overall enhances performance  
  • Accelerates warmup and recovery time after a workout to help cool down.   
  • Stimulates and regains body functions by relieving muscle strain.  

After two weeks of testing, there is currently no other percussion gun that could lure me away from this beauty. It is the jack-of-all-trades. With its lightweight structure of just 2.5 lbs., ergonomic handle, polycarbonate casing, and unattachable rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the Hypervolt Bluetooth sets itself neck-and-neck, if not above, its competition. This includes Theragun Liv, Tim-Tam Power Massager, and the Ele Eels XIT.  

Sure, Hyperice could have been more creative with the third iteration of the device—it is available only in silver/chrome, which I’m not a huge fan of. Maybe throw in a frost white or rose gold. But as people say – “Why fix something that’s not broken?”. Hyperice is the leader of innovation in vibration technology, so what comes next is what makes Hyperice’s flagship vibration technology percussion gun so amazing, its newest Bluetooth capabilities—featuring Hyperice’s newest ecosystem technology – HyperSmart.   

Every piece of the powerful Hyperice Hypervolt Bluetooth is engineered for two purposes: providing you a better massage after a warmup and recovery after a workout. The Hypervolt Bluetooth is a lightweight, durable percussion massage device that packs a serious kick with its pressure sensor technology. Percussion therapy can help relieve muscle ache and strain, relieving knots to improve your range of motion, promote blood circulation, and accelerate your warmup and recovery and Hypervolt Bluetooth has got it down to the tip.   

The Hyperice app 

HyperSmart Ecosystem

"We are implementing the digital space and calling it our environment, 'HyperSmart,' and it is the combination that is not just the app and not just the Bluetooth but both. What is crucial is our years of knowledge from scientific experts, pro-athletes, what we know about how the technology can change the [physiology of] the human body, and how we evaluate your data through your wearables and provide curated smart routines to help you improve your wellness." Jim Huether said as he walked me through the Hypervolt application.  

Good ole Bluetooth. Nowadays, if something does not have Bluetooth, we will find it inferior and consider it bad technology - even if it adds little to no value. Luckily, this isn't the case with Hyperice's newest integration into their Bluetooth ecosystem. A wireless connection to your massage gun is a revelation and innovation. Sure, there are other percussion guns, like the Theragun, that added Bluetooth to its elite device, but Hyperice is innovative enough to do much more than its competitor. I feel this will always be the case. This is not a simple technology where you just change the speeds of your percussion gun, have a nighttime routine, and have an overall pointless profile. This is a fully baked technology that is going in the right direction that other wellness and fitness companies are heading in as well, like Forme Life. Let me tell you all about Hyperice's latest implemented and innovative technology products by highlighting the Hypervolt Bluetooth.  

The first thing you need to do is install the Hyperice application via your Android or iOS mobile device. You will then begin pairing your new Hypervolt Bluetooth to let HyperSmart do the thinking for you. Assuming you have the Hypervolt powered on, the process is seamless from there. Follow a few simple prompts, answer the short demographic questions to set up your profile, and choose the proper Bluetooth device to connect to. In seconds, you and the Hypervolt Bluetooth are automatically connected. After your profile has been set up, then you can begin filtering through the many guided warmup, recovery, and maintenance videos. You will receive recommendations for routines based on your movement and track your activity stats all in one place. In the routine section, if you wanted to browse, you can do a filter: by warmup, recovery, or maintenance (it gauges which products you have). If you want to go more in-depth than you can scan by –product, then search the muscle group of your choosing. You can even filter out videos per attachment heads.  

Jim continues to go through some of the features with me, [The gun] will change speeds based on different body parts. We have an algorithm that picks up when you are on [for example] your calf - speed one. If you go into your dense muscle groups, then it will choose speed 2 for you."One of the sweet spots in the app, Zane, is the depth of scientific advisors and athletes. It lets us engage with the world's leading experts and provide content that updates a few times a week. So, for example, before the NBA starts, we are going to release multiple videos on what you can do to optimize performance for athletes in basketball ...people get really connected to this environment.

Guided Recovery in the Hyperice Application

Honestly – that is amazing. One thing that grinds my gears when I see companies trying to out beat their competition is that they do not release enough updates to make the application worth it. They half-ass it then let it fall by the wayside. The engagement with the pro-athletes and the consumer is remarkable with Hyperice. You truly are getting the core warm-up and recovery methods of some of the top pro and Olympic athletes in the world, which means consistent updates on their application.   

Jim Huether describes these updates to me, "The updates on this are getting smarter and smarter as we use the product because we know your habits, we know your activity, we know how much you normally you do, so we will eventually compare that to other likeminded people or athletes. So, this whole AI machine learner is only going to get more and more advanced. We are starting at a moderate level for people so they can understand the data. The fun part is that athletes are going to pop up- your athletes. The HyperSmart environment for us is transformative and a huge part of the future now. We have the hardware and now the software. I think what is cool about the app is that you have the launch that we have made relatively simple to understand, and engaging, but the phase updates will be really aggressive. We could have two weeks of a feature update, and in 4 weeks, we will have a radical feature update. It will keep getting better and better for people to keep sticking with the app."  

One other interesting implementation in the application was the use of the HyperSmart score. The application gives you points based on warm-up and recovery videos you have finished post or prior to your work out. The HyperSmart score is a standard scale calculated from all your activity. It helps track your body maintenance, warm up, and recovery routines. Jim explained how your personal Hypersmart score is the core of this application. "It will be analyzed as basic, intermediate, advanced, or professional by collecting data from your wearable. These scores will get more accurate after each day of activity. "Jim breaks this down further - "So, let us say you did a 30-minute bike ride through Strava, and it knows yesterday you only did ten minutes, but you usually do 15 minutes. It is going to deem that [30-minute bike ride] as high intensity for you. If you take a lot of steps that day as well, we will curate a regimen for you for recovery, warm-up, and body maintenance that you would need to do - based on the high intensity work out - to stay at an advanced pro-level." After messing around with various videos while using the Hypervolt Bluetooth, I can tell you that it knows if you are not fully completing the warm-up or recovery, giving you a percentage of the points (or none at all). The user will also receive notifications to 'complete' your recovery workouts later that day. Additionally, it was not difficult to use the percussion gun while holding my phone. The videos are straight forward, and you can just set it down to follow the routine of your choice.   

I had more questions about this process, so I dug a little deeper with Jim:  

Zane: "...Once my run is finished, and it's time for the recovery process, will I have a follow-up notification hours after my run checking up on me to let me know to continue an additional recovery workout so, I do not pull a muscle or sprain my ankle the next day?"  

Jim: "Yeah, great question. What we are doing now is that we are sending notifications of what you should be doing. Let's say you are going on a run tomorrow for a 4-miles As soon as you get back, Strava and Apple Health are going to communicate and will say, 'Hey, Zane, you just did a high interval training for a 4-mile run, here is a recommended routine for your recovery.' From there, you can click '15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 mins.' But if you did not want to do it right now, then it is like a snooze button that will send you notifications later. Also, if you are sitting on your desk all day and you have not done anything, you'll receive a notification saying, 'Hey, Zane, you've been sitting for 3 hours straight and haven't moved. Get up and use your mini-scooter to increase circulation."   

Zane: “I don't have an Apple Watch, and I don't care to have one. Will I still receive the notifications, based on my work out I just completed, without the Apple Health or Watch?”  

Jim: "...The watch is what would track your workouts, so even without the Apple watch, [Strava] is still pulling your steps, activity, duration, where you moved, it will still ping you. If you don't do a workout then we have an algorithm in place that will let you know that you have been inactive today, we are going to give you a routine before you go to bed. Or, when you wake up in the morning, then the notification will let you know that since you didn't do anything yesterday, get up and get some activity going today, grab your Hypervolt Bluetooth and let's go through a 7-minute routine."  

Unfortunately, after our conversation, it sounds like the user will need to have an Apple phone or watch with the Apple Health application to track these workouts until a future partnership has been established for Android users, which I am sure won't be too long from now. Even so, honestly – this all still sounds amazing. This application is like an intuitive wellness coach that will guide you through your warm-ups, recovery, and even injuries. You could filter through not just 'warm-up' and 'recovery' but choose the 'pain management' option. That was important to me because I know there are bones and tendons, such as the Achilles tendon, that you should not be using with this machine. Learning about the body of your body - from this is important. The fact that the applications stores the sessions length, recurrences by date and time, means you now have access to your warm-up and recovery data, analytics, and anything else helping you spot consistencies in your performance and recovery so you can enhance your performance and body. 

Exclusive recovery videos

I love that the application is guided. Everything from the body part, the time, the pressure sensor, the specific massage attachment, to the intensity are all modifiable. If you have ever been a little unsure where and how to use a massage gun, this App is a game-changer. Should you buy it? Though it does not compare to a licensed massage therapist, the Hypervolt Bluetooth can do an admirable job of filling in. The device practically pays for itself when you factor in the price of professional massage appointments. It is also an invaluable tool for athletes who want to loosen up sore muscles before or after training sessions.  

When we exercise and breakdown, our muscles, in return, stimulate muscle growth and regrowth, causing an effect of hypertrophy, which builds strength. With a device like the Hypervolt Bluetooth, mechanical stimulation invigorates the muscle, allowing the increased blood flow to decrease the inflammation, reduce muscle soreness, and break up knots in our bodies. The vibrations are used to act as a warming modality for the muscles and tissues before and after the activity. After many uses of Hypervolt Bluetooth, I could not find any apparent negative effects on my body. Instead, I felt more flexible and didn't complain about my back for two weeks straight. I am sure it would be a good idea to speak to a medical provider first, depending on if you have any previous health conditions, before starting a regimen like this. 

Hyperice describes its newest application and Bluetooth technology implementation into their newest flagship device as, "The Brain of Your Hyperice Technology: HyperSmartTM seamlessly blends your physical and digital activity to consistently guide you toward optimal wellness. With unrivaled expertise, our Human Performance Advisors created a proprietary algorithm that HyperSmart uses to interpret the data from wearables and physical activity, launching with Apple Health and Strava, to customize routines exactly for you and your goals. The more you interact with HyperSmart, the smarter it becomes, recommending personalized routines for body maintenance, improved flexibility, and optimized performance. Designed to encourage more consistent and appropriate use of your Hyperice devices, HyperSmart evaluates and recommends the best routines by analyzing your Hyperice App profile alongside wearable data that considers the type, duration, and intensity of your workout. Your HyperSmart Score is a powerful, easy-to-understand metric designed to keep you exercising, recovering, and moving at your very best." 

You can watch the Hyperice promo-video – here. 

Wrapping up 

Hypervolt has built a Bluetooth percussion gun that leads the vibration technology market by adding vibration to traditional massage balls, heat therapy, and foam rollers, like the Pulse 2.0 and Venom series. Hyperice has increased the benefits of myofascial release and revolutionized warm-up and recovery for athletes and public consumers. Users can expect an improved range of motion, increased flexibility, and better circulation when they pair up the Hypervolt Bluetooth with a device like the Vyper 2.0, Hypersphere, or Venom. True to their word, 'QuietGlide' tech was remarkably impressive. I could lay in bed and watch 'The Quiet Place' and not be annoyed by any loud, obnoxious noise from the device. The Hypervolt Bluetooth truly is powerful. The five multiple head attachments give the user plenty of options for warming up or recovering a broad area or pinpoint locations, which I still can't get enough of. Plus, the ergonomic design makes it easy to hold and angle around your body stress-free. The battery life is impressive for such a powerful device. It may not seem like 2.5 hours is enough, but trust me, it is. I have had to only charge it once in the past two weeks of use. Of course, this will change depending on the amount of pressure applied to your body: more pressure means the more torque in your motor, which drains the battery. The Hypervolt Bluetooth has three -speed settings, the weight remains solid in your hand for an extended amount of time of holding it, and the materials are heavy-duty and top-notch. With an exceptional build quality and sleek design, the Hypervolt looks and feels like a premium piece of equipment that is worthy of its price tag.   

Most vibration technology companies give a carrying case with the device. It does not have to be anything to brag about, but I do wish Hyperice had at least made the buckle carrying case it comes with big enough to carry the device, charger, and companion bag all in one. I feel it would be in Hyperice's best interest to at least create a waterproof drawstring backpack since I, and many others would want to bring the device with me to the gym where I sweat and drink a lot of water and would like to use after a workout immediately. Instead, you currently must pay an additional $49.99 to $69.99 for a carrying case or backpack from the Hyperice site.   

Hyperice Application

At first glance, there is not a lot that differentiates it from its predecessors, but that is a good thing. Finding cons on a product usually is not this difficult for me, but in this case, my expectations were met higher than what I thought they would be. 

The Hypervolt Bluetooth does an outstanding job of easing my pain and keeping my muscles loose before working out and during post-workout. While it is not exactly cheap, it is worth the investment. I was convinced of its worth for two significant reasons: no more need for ibuprofen and finally alleviating my two-year stint of sore back muscles. The new models implementing Strava, Apple Health, and countless routine videos in the HyperSmart ecosystem have set the benchmark high above the competition that they are likely not to catch up anytime soon. Best of all, it is TSA approved for carryon, making it easy for travel. At only 2.5 lbs. For the Hypervolt Bluetooth and 3lbs for the Hypervolt Bluetooth Plus, they are made accessible to carry around for long durations. Overall, The Hypervolt does everything and more required of you to keep your body working right and enhancing.  

The Hypervolt Bluetooth, the third generation of the powerful percussion massager from Hyperice, rivals the Theragun in performance, effectiveness, and design, and seems to be a better choice of the two between Hypervolt's 'QuietGlide' and Theraguns 'QuietForce.' As of now, the choice between the two for Bluetooth capabilities aren't comparable as Hypervolt is taking the lead in that category. I could enjoy a 10-minute session with the Hypervolt Bluetooth without feeling like my eardrums were shaking when pressing the device bullet head tip deep into my back. However, this does depend on the pressure you apply, which was quite a lot for me. Just in case, be careful when using it on your neck or shoulder. The Hypervolt is a versatile and powerful percussion massage device that makes warmup and recovery a breeze. If you own a Theragun Elite or any other percussion device, you might want to reconsider because Hypervolt Bluetooth users will love the refreshed sleek design and excellent build quality - making it a continued premium massage device that is worthy of its price. Throw in Hyperice's Quiet Glide technology and the latest in Bluetooth and AI technology with the Hyperice Application and HyperSmart ecosystem, and you have the best percussion massage device on the market today. It is an intuitive device.   

A portable, personal massage device, the Hypervolt Bluetooth, allowed me to calm the soreness I typically deal with from my active lifestyle through self-myofascial release. Anyone looking to loosen their muscles or soothe aches and pains should buy one today. Hypervolt is a device you would typically find at a physical therapy office or a recovery rehab center, but now the technology is available to the public. I would recommend purchasing this percussion device to every average joe or professional purple cobra (Dodgeball movie reference). Incorporating vibration technology has become an integral part of every human beings' warmup and recovery routine and that technology need to be accessible at any home. The Hypervolt Bluetooth and Hypervolt Bluetooth Plus will be available for purchase on August 3rd, 2020. The Hypervolt Bluetooth comes in silver/chrome for $349.00, and the Hypervolt Bluetooth Plus will come in black for $399.00.   

"We are going to hyper-focus on recovery, warmup and body maintenance, and get really smart with using our scientists and pro-athletes to give people content that is specific to what [workout] they did. Eventually, we will use different algorithms from running to biking. We are going to get really detailed and get the world's best experts to help, and that is what is so cool and makes us different. We are really getting the leading minds to come into this app and create something that is meaningful, and by the effect, it improves the utility of our products. The more the individual can utilize the product effectively, the more valuable we are helping people improve their lives. We are really fired up about this"- Jim Huether. 

I will continue to keep a focus on the future of Hyperice with great interest.

Keep an eye out for my next article about 'Hyperice being Named the Official Recovery Technology Partner of the NBA'  that will be release later this week.

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