RESEARCH PAPER: HPE OneSphere Empowers IT To Deliver All Infrastructures As A Service

As enterprise adoption of public cloud has grown, developers have been conditioned to expect self-service, on-demand availability of infrastructure. IT is expected to respond by converting private infrastructure deployed with a virtualization capability into a similar cloud-style experience, but this is very challenging with the existing infrastructure and tools. As a result, IT continues to be burdened by a heavy operational workload managing private infrastructure through workflow-intensive, ticket-driven processes.
HPE OneSphere allows IT to manage self-service infrastructure and the rapid development and deployment of applications. It also gives IT visibility and control over the process, allowing them to keep costs down. This hybrid cloud management platform empowers enterprise IT teams, giving them the tools they need to function effectively in the age of digital transformation.

Table of Contents

  • Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Management Challenges
  • Enterprise Challenges In Delivering Self-Service Infrastructure To Application Developers
  • HPE OneSphere For Hybrid Cloud, Self-Service Platform
  • Call To Action

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