HPE GreenLake Cloud Services—Coming To 100,000 Technology Providers Near You

By Patrick Moorhead - March 28, 2021
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Greenlake

Earlier this week, HPE announced a series of updates to its HPE GreenLake cloud services portfolio, including new capabilities and partnerships. 

HPE GreenLake cloud service is HPE's hybrid cloud X-as-a-Service offering, delivered via a more flexible consumption model. HPE GreenLake is designed to combine the cloud's simplicity and agility with the governance, compliance, and visibility of the hybrid IT model.

The entire industry agrees that hybrid cloud, the combination of private (either on-premises or hosted in a colocation facility) and public cloud infrastructure, is here to stay. The debate is over as every public cloud vendor and every classic infrastructure provider is creating hybrid cloud solutions. We are still debating multi-public cloud, but I am sure we will figure that out as an industry over time as it introduces security, data management, and networking issues. Each public cloud vendor has their own security, data and networking “fabric.” Also, not all of the classic infrastructure players have robust XaaS service capabilities, but all are working on it.  

HPE CEO Antonio Neri, one of the earliest if not the first proponents of the hybrid cloud, points to GreenLake as a differentiation point for HPE. And the fact is, it is a differentiator for the company. I get a ton of inquiries on it. 

HPE XaaS financials from recent quarter

HPE sees strong growth ahead for HPE's GreenLake on-premises cloud service reporting a 20 percent increase in GreenLake cloud services orders in the most recent quarter. For the fiscal year 2020 to 2023, the GreenLake as-a-service business forecast is 30 to 40 percent compound annual growth rates.  

It appears to me that HPE has the lead in hybrid cloud XaaS services for classic infra players even without having a public cloud offering, another strong argument that the hybrid cloud model, and the use of multiple cloud providers, are now the norm among enterprises. 

14 services currently available

Positioned as a foundation to drive digital transformation, HPE's GreenLake offers a range of services, ranging from bare metal, compute, container management, data protection to solutions such as HPC, machine learning operations, networking, SAP HANA, storage, VDI, and VMs. See the current list above in the graphic.

Expanding the reach to 100,000 partners

HPE announced agreements with ALSO GroupArrow ElectronicsIngram Micro Inc.Synnex, and Tech Data that expand the HPE GreenLake Cloud Services' market reach by integrating HPE GreenLake in distributor online marketplaces. 

HPE's distributor network services more than 100,000 technology partners. Those technology partners can now offer HPE GreenLake to customers at pre-configured and pre-priced offers. 

In the colocation model, HPE has partnered with data center providers CyrusOne and Equinix. Customers are presented with one agreement and one invoice, making the procurement process simpler.

Additionally, outside of the US, HPE recently announced partnerships with UK-based Interxion and Wavenet and Beyond, a data service provider in Central Europe. 

More reach means more sales potential, plain and simple. I believe it also opens the aperture to smaller enterprises.

 New GreenLake services

Traditionally HPE GreenLake has been the purview of large enterprises. This new announcement should make it easy for smaller enterprises to adopt HPE GreenLake, starting with channel partners' addition above. HPE also made changes to improve the starting points of some of its core services. 

Customers can start smaller with the flexibility to scale out to meet future requirements. There is a choice of deployment size, compute, or storage volume instances that will scale incrementally—either in a modular way with compute and storage or with multi-rack support. These new services, specifically tailored for smaller mid-market businesses, cover virtual machines, containers, and bare metal.


Virtual machines (VMs) come in various deployments and compute and storage instance types sized for 100 VMs up to 600 VM's, in standardized blocks with 4, 8, 12, and 16 compute nodes. Also new is the option to include backup as a service.

Containers use the same scalable building blocks as virtual machine service offering small, medium, large, and extra-large solutions for the HPE container platform built on Kubernetes called the HPE Ezmeral Container platform.

The bare metal service managed through HPE GreenLake Central allows workloads to be run directly on the server. 

Simplifying the experience on GreenLake Central

HPE GreenLake Central is a central management platform that provides customers with a consistent cloud experience for all applications and data through an online operations console that runs, manages, and optimizes the entire hybrid cloud. 

Features include: 

  • Managing the entire hybrid cloud, provisioning instances, and redeploying resources in on-premises environments with the same speed and agility as off-premises
  • Management of the total cost and compliance of off-premises clouds (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud) and on-premises environments with suggestions in the case of Microsoft Azure on how to prioritize spending
  • Access to consumption metrics and analytics to dynamically optimize workloads' placement based on various factors such as cost, governance, and security

New to HPE GreenLake Central is a simplified billing process that promises to aid partners in selling, billing, and capacity planning.

Additionally, The GreenLake for Aruba offering is available through HPE distributors. Partners will work with an assigned Aruba Customer Success Manager to help customers derive maximum investment value. 

Wrapping up

The value of HPE GreenLake is to deliver cloud-like economics and experience but on-premises and without having to make a CAPEX purchase and still enjoying full access to the data and the governance and control that comes with an on-premises of environment.  

HPE has partners in every category with this announcement—including channel, colocation, distributor, independent software vendors, service providers, and systems integrators. Tapping into HPE's partner ecosystem can only accelerate HPE GreenLake growth. 

For enterprises, this means HPE GreenLake will be more accessible its your favorite technology partner with the option to start small and scale on business terms.

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