Getting to Know AMD’s Newest Commercial Processor, The Ryzen Pro 4000- The Six Five Insiders Edition

By Patrick Moorhead - May 7, 2020

On this special episode of The Six Five Podcast - Insiders Edition hosts Patrick Moorhead and Daniel Newman welcome Rick Bergman, Executive Vice President of Computing and Graphics Business Group at AMD to discuss the exciting new products coming from AMD.

The Need for the Right Tools

Now more than ever, it’s clear that there will be a fundamental shift in how we work once we return to normal. There will be more people working from home, but in order for that to be productive, people need the right tools. There has been a boom right now as people and companies have been scrambling to get the tools they need, but Rick predicts that in the long run we will see a higher refresh rate of notebooks and computers as more people consistently work from home.

AMD Stepping Up to Meet Demand

The demand for notebooks and consumer products that can handle multiple apps and programs will be greater as more people work from home. AMD is ready to meet this demand with the Ryzen Pro 4000 notebook processor. It brings a seven nanometer processor to the table with the brand new Zen 2 core which is 8-core/16-threads. Notebooks will have great graphics and incredible battery life.

Security is a Priority Too

When you're looking at the pro market, which can be anything from enterprise to small business, everyone cares about security, especially now as hacking has seen a huge spike. There are people doing more at home than ever before, and we can't slow down their productivity just because they're at home. So what used to belong just in a lab environment with firewalls and other security measures is now being done at home. You can’t afford to compromise security. Computers and other pieces of hardware need to be secure.

With the Ryzen Pro 4000, AMD has added in measures like memory guard to allow full encryption of memory to let people know their data is very safe both as it's being transmitted as well as it's residing on their local memory.


AMD might not be the most well-known company in the world, but with the Ryzen Pro 4000 they’re at the top of the game. It’s the best notebook processor in the world, but they couldn’t do it alone. With the help of their partner TSMC, they were able to make a big leap in semiconductor technology — something that has been unmatched so far.

AMD has also seen a huge growth in the last three years going from 35 commercial platforms in 2018 to 70 in 2020. The Zen 2 Core is in every market segment right now and it’s a big step up in performance from Zen 1 or Zen+. And it doesn’t stop there. AMD is already looking toward the future and the Zen 3 Core.

AMD is focused on innovation. If you’d like to learn more about the Ryzen Pro 4000 or any of AMD other products be sure to check out their website and listen to the full episode below. Don’t forget to hit subscribe so you never miss a great episode of The Six Five. You can check out the podcast here:

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