Box Enhances Its Collaboration With Real-Time Features At BoxWorks 2022

By Patrick Moorhead - November 1, 2022
Box Notes, Box Canvas, and Content Insights.BOX

This week, Box held its annual BoxWorks event, where it announced new and innovative features for its Cloud Content Management (CCM) solutions. Over the next month, Box is adding many new features to its CCM, including Box Canvas, Box Notes, and Content Insights. You can read my coverage of that here

At BoxWorks 2022, Box is announcing the general availability of these CCM tools with some added features. Let’s take a look at what Box announced.

Box Notes

Note taking has changed dramatically over the past decade. Notes have evolved to be as complex and intricate as the subject of the notes or as simple as a jot of a reminder. In our era of hybrid work, notes have to be collaborative, and there are more ways to pull in content and organize notes than ever before. On top of this, content is coming from multiple places, and the ability to consolidate it and pull from integrated apps is necessary.

The difficulty, then, of creating a great note-taking tool is allowing the note-taker to take as deep and collaborative notes as possible without compromising the simplicity of the notes. I believe Box has integrated these new capabilities within its redesigned Box Notes to achieve that balance.

Box Notes. BOX

Box says it has completely overhauled the editing engine of Box Notes. It has included an automated table of contents and divider lines to make notes easily navigable and more organized. Box added call-out boxes and new typographical formatting elements. Box has also included enhanced tables and images so that note takers can easily add content while maintaining structure and format. 

Box Notes now offers enhanced collaboration features, in-line cursors, and improved security and control capabilities. Box Notes has task management, workflow automation, comments, and real-time alerts so that teams within the Box Content Cloud and outside can collaborate efficiently. One of the hardest aspects of the hybrid work environment is that when teams collaborate on a piece of content, it is difficult to see who has worked on what. With these new tools embedded into Box Notes, I believe it gives collaborators a more controlled and efficient content creation and project planning experience. Box Notes is where content within the Box Content Cloud comes together, and insights and ideas are created.

As Box continues enhancing Box Notes, we should see more integration and features that focus on pulling in rich content and optimizing project workflows. I believe its integrations could allow it to go beyond what is generally thought of as a note-taking tool.

Box Canvas

Box Canvas is Box’s new whiteboarding tool, where brainstorming and collaborative content are created in a shared digital space across an infinite canvas. Box is releasing a beta of Box Canvas in November.

Whiteboarding has become a popular tool in the past couple of years because it allows teams to brainstorm and create content across the hybrid work environment. Box may be a bit late to the game with Box Canvas. However, I believe its position within the Box Content Cloud could become its greatest strength and differentiator.

Box Canvas Beta is coming in November. BOX

The Box Content Cloud already has all of a team’s content stored privately and securely. The Box Content Cloud also has many integrations making it easy to consolidate the content into one canvas over many integrated platforms. 

Not only does the Box Content Cloud make it easier to pull content into a whiteboarding tool, but Box Canvas also increases the value of the Box Content Cloud. It could reduce the cost for companies, allowing them to dump expensive whiteboarding tools in favor of Box Canvas that is native, convenient, and secure. 

Content Insights

Content Insights shows how content, whether it’s created in Notes, Canvas, or Preview, is being used and shared through easy-to-understand data visualizations. Data analytics is becoming one of the biggest drivers of ideas and decisions. Insights into how data is being shared and used could profoundly impact future projects and increase the productivity of teams. 

One example that Box gave was that sales teams could send sales quotes and marketing information to sales prospects and see who has viewed the information without a follow-up. Knowing when a prospect sees marketing content could affect future decisions on when or if a team sends that content out again. Data analytics and insights are key drivers of the digital transformation of businesses, and the valuable information we extract from our data and content is what could set a business apart from the competition. Who doesn’t take a lead on a case when it is given?

Content Insights visually shows the data. BOX

Just as Box is offering Box Canvas and Box Notes at no additional cost, Content Insights is free within the Box Content Cloud. This, again, is huge. Data analytics and insights have become the digital gold of our time and for Box to include it at no extra cost for its customers to use across all of this data is incredible.

Wrapping up

I like how Box is integrating collaboration and insights with its newest additions to the Box Content Cloud. I believe the new design of Box Notes is in line with other note tools with the added benefit of the Box Content Cloud. The Box Canvas beta is coming in November and I am excited to test it out. 

Box has added value to the Box Content Cloud by including Box Canvas, Box Notes, and Content Insights at no extra cost. This is huge. It allows customers to drop expensive products for tools that are available natively. Next year, I hope to see some of Box’s statistics on how its customers used Content Insights within teams and workflows. 

Note: Moor Insights & Strategy co-op Jacob Freyman contributed to this article.

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