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Anshel Sag

Analyst, Mobility & VR

Anshel Sag is Moor Insights & Strategy’s in-house millennial and was previously Editor-in-Chief and co-founder for the Bright Side of News, a top 20,000 (Quantcast) web site, focusing on technology. He has lived and breathed consumer electronics and enterprise IT since the ripe old age of 5 when he played with his first custom PC and by 12 was already programming robots. In a short period of time, Anshel condensed more than 9 years of experience in the IT industry working in roles ranging from electronics prototyping to graphics cards and motherboards to IT journalism. Anshel has had extensive experience working with consumers and enterprises while interfacing with both B2B and B2C relationships, gaining empathy and understanding of what users really want.

Anshel has vast experience in cutting edge social media, which has included social media consulting and following the trends in social that drive the IT industry. He also has extensive experience as a journalist working in the IT industry writing countless semiconductor analyses and helping companies and the industry understand which technologies to monitor.

Anshel’s first technology employment came as an electronics prototype technician and IT support technician at the age of 17 at Clarity Design. While doing that, he also worked as a technical support agent and community forum moderator for Nvidia’s premier add-in-board partner, EVGA. Following his tenure at EVGA and Clarity Design, he moved on to co-found Bright Side of News a top 20,000 technology news, analysis and review publication in the U.S. Starting as the site’s community manager, he quickly learned a lot of new things from starting to write reviews for the site and eventually worked his way up to Editor-in-Chief of the site in 2013. Anshel’s strengths involve the ability to not only identify and understand new trends in the consumer and enterprise industries, but to also identify how they can be utilized by companies in the IT industry including competitive analyses. He is positioned well to explain why certain trends occur from the consumer perspective as well as understand the technical details behind them. He can regularly be found carrying around at least two of the latest smartphones, wearables, and tablets at any given moment and is always trying to feel the pulse of the entire industry from High Performance Computing to eINK smartwatches.