Amazon Kicks Off Hiring Bonanza And Jobs Programming At Career Day 2021

Amazon Career Day AMAZON

While many businesses were forced to shutter their doors and lay off their workforce in the early days of the pandemic, Amazon had an entirely different situation on its hands. Consumers flocked in droves to the online marketplace, no longer willing to risk in-person exposure for their grocery and shopping needs. While the rest of the world was shutting down, Amazon was ramping up.

As I wrote after the company’s first post-Covid earnings report, this increase in business was not quite the all-out windfall for Amazon one might expect given the surge of online commerce. Instead of taking the money and running, the company reinvested billions of its revenue in the safety of its employees and customers and other crucial Covid relief efforts. 

One of Amazon’s biggest contributions to our pandemic-stricken society has been its reliable status as a job creator. While hiring freezes were battering much of the world economy over the last 18 months, Amazon instead beefed up its workforce to meet the pandemic’s demands. It has added approximately 450,000 new jobs since early 2020, from sectors as diverse as manufacturing, traditional retail, education, healthcare and more. And keep in mind that these Amazon jobs aren’t something to shake a stick at. Full-time employment comes with the same core benefits afforded to Amazon executives—health coverage, a company-matching 401(k), as much as 20 weeks of paid leave for new parents, the subsidized job training opportunities and more. A few years ago, in case you’d forgotten, Amazon also doubled its entry-level minimum wage to $15 an hour. In short, these are so-called “good” jobs.

The company’s annual Career Day last year shattered Amazon’s internal record for most job applications ever received in a one week period, and also marked one of the largest single hiring events ever hosted by a company. Building on last year’s success, Amazon will hold this year’s virtual event on September 15th. Free and open to the public, the virtual event promises access to one-on-one career coaching sessions, keynote speakers and additional professional development sessions for current and prospective Amazon employees alike. Amazon says it will be hiring over 40,000 new corporate and technical roles (and tens of thousands of new hourly positions) across over 220 locations in the U.S. Let’s take a closer look at what’s in store. 

What to expect

Perhaps the biggest draw for jobseekers tuning in is the chance to participate in one of the free, one-on-one career-coaching sessions offered by Amazon during the event. The company says a team of more than 1,200 Amazon recruiters will be on hand to provide approximately 20,000 virtual consultations throughout the day for Amazon job roles spanning logistics, corporate, engineering, data science, marketing, HR, finance, sustainability and more. The event will also inform current Amazon employees about company-funded upskilling opportunities for career advancement within and beyond Amazon. This is a great deal and something I would advise anyone to take advantage of at any stage of their career. If Amazon’s paying for it, why not?

It wouldn’t be a tech event without a slate of mainstage keynotes to tie the day together. Career Day 2021 promises “world-class insights, advice and learning opportunities” from newly ascendent Amazon CEO Andy Jassy and Worldwide Consumer lead Dave Clark. Additionally, outside guests David Epstein, author, and Carla Harris, a Vice Chairman of Global Wealth Management and senior client adviser at Morgan Stanley, headline the program with additional career advice. Lastly, the event will provide attendees with tactical training opportunities, including Amazon engineer-led software coding workshops and a special breakout session on how to ace an Amazon interview.

Wrapping up

While Amazon often catches criticism in the press for its labor practices, one should not write off these jobs. The company is currently ranked No. 2 on Forbes’s list of the World’s Best Employers and has a place on Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies roundup. Amazon also scored high on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index for LGBTQ+ inclusive workplaces, secured a designation as a “Best Place to Work for Disability Inclusion” by the Disability Equality Index, and was granted the Lee Anderson Veteran and Military Spouse Employment Award for its employment and support of veterans and their spouses. 

It’s understandable that the upheaval of the pandemic has caused many to reconsider their options and long-term career trajectories. Amazon is hiring, and on top of that, takes the upskilling and development of its employees very seriously. If you’re one of those people considering a job change, I wouldn’t sleep on Career Day 2021.

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