Amazon Fire Tablet Benchmarks

You can download the benchmarking details here.

This includes:

  • System configurations
  • System specifications
  • Benchmark results

Benchmarking Notes:

  • Testing was conducted on October 11, 2015.
  • Systems were run stock, were not jail-broken, with WiFi turned off, background apps closed, in the same room with the same ambient temperature. The only exception was where “WiFi on” was required by the benchmark to provide a score.
  • Systems were run three times for each benchmark and an average was taken. Benchmarks were run with the same time intervals across systems to attempt to normalize over-heating and throttling.
  • Systems were chosen based on availability at MI&S Headquarters in Austin, TX. If you’d like us to test your tablet, please contact us and we will evaluate it.
  • MI&S likes PCMark for Android, but it would not install on the Amazon Fire Tablet. Therefore it was not tested.
  • 3DMARK Slingshot will not run on Amazon Fire, Google Nexus 7, or Samsung Galaxy Note and therefore was not tested.
  • MI&S is still researching GeekBench MC to evaluate whether it accurately reflects mobile software and multi-CPU cores.
  • Basemark X 1.1 “High settings” would not run on the Google Nexus 7 (2012).  Error message was “missing depth rendering capability”.
  • Basemark X 1.1 scores were pulled from the Basemark website as these apps were not available in the Apple App Store. Scores were not available for the iPhone 6s Plus.
  • Camspeed is not available on the Amazon App Store and therefore was not tested.
  • DNR= does not run
  • NA= not available in the app store

DISCLOSURE: Moor Insights & Strategy was not compensated to perform or publish these results.