The Moor Insights & Strategy team has extensive real-world executive experience in strategy, product management, product and channel marketing, P&L management, technology and market research. We have held executive-level positions in high-tech companies like yours. We are familiar with the problems you face, but we also have the problem-solving ability of industry veterans. We know how to implement. Our advantage is the ability to identify the problems to be solved, anticipate the obstacles to solving them, create strategies to overcome the obstacles and execute with precision to help companies reach their goals.


Patrick Moorhead

Founder, President, Principal Analyst

Patrick founded the firm based on his real-world world technology experiences with the understanding of what he wasn’t getting from analysts and consultants. Five years later, Patrick is consistently ranked in the top echelon of all technology industry analysts in terms of “power” (via ARInsights) and is consistently top ranked in “press citations” (via Apollo Research). Moorhead is a contributor for both Forbes and CIO. He a broad-based analyst covering a wide variety of topics including the software-defined datacenter and the Internet of Things (IoT), and Patrick is a deep expert in client computing and semiconductors. He has 25 years of experience including 15 years of executive experience at high tech companies leading strategy, product management, product marketing, and corporate marketing, including three industry board appointments

Bill Curtis

Analyst-in-Residence, Industrial IoT and IoT Technology

Bill Curtis is an analyst and consultant focused on large scale IoT systems. His career covers the whole stack from tiny devices to big clouds. Most recently, he was Principal Strategist for Arm’s IoT group while it grew from a small embedded team to a full-stack platform spanning devices, connectivity, and analytics. He was a founder of Thread Group, home of the standards-based low-power IP networking protocol. Prior to Arm, he was Senior Fellow and Design Engineer at AMD, CTO of Dell’s Consumer group, and Head Computer Scientist for Landmark Graphics (Halliburton). Bill’s diverse leadership experience helps his clients plan Internet of Things strategies as scalable solutions while avoiding one-off implementations.

Rhett Dillingham

Senior Analyst, Cloud Services

Rhett also serves as VP Product for Jask. With 17+ years of experience in enterprise hardware, software, and cloud products and services, Rhett has a passion for delivering market-leading technology products and services. In his product leadership roles at Rackspace and AWS, he helped shape the change in consumption of technology via innovative cloud services. At Moor Insights, he is helping clients make the most of the opportunity this disruption presents with his focus on infrastructure and platform services across public, private, and hybrid cloud. Most recently, Rhett was Vice President of Product Management at Rackspace on OpenStack Public Cloud then Private Cloud. Rhett earned his MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University.

Christopher R. Wilder

Senior Analyst In-Residence, Security

Christopher has over 25 years of experience in cybersecurity, intelligence, and physical security experience. His life’s work is at the convergence of physical and information security – Internet of Things (IoT), networks, electronic surveillance, and operational intelligence. Wilder began his career in Naval intelligence and from there expanded his career in the intelligence community (IC) by protecting and securing dozens of critical infrastructure projects and special operations facilities worldwide. In addition to working with the top security technology and service providers, he is the personal advisor to several heads of state and government agencies on cyberwarfare, counter-terrorism, and infrastructure development/deployment.

Additionally, Christopher has expertise in deploying “Red Team” physical/cybersecurity operations, intelligence and sitrep assessments, executive protection, and medical/operational evacuation.

Karl Freund

Senior Analyst, Machine Learning & HPC

Karl Freund has spent his career transforming cool technologies into thriving businesses through creative and effective Go-To-Market karl-freundstrategies. Recently, as the General Manager of AMD’s HPC business, he became fascinated by the potential of Deep Learning in Artificial Intelligence to improve our lives and businesses. Now at Moor Insights, he helps clients realize the potential of Deep Learning and HPC. Karl holds a bachelors degree from Texas A&M University in Applied Mathematics, and a Masters of Computer Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Matt Kimball

Senior Analyst, Servers

Over the last 25 years, Matt has developed an expertise across the product life cycle – from gathering product requirements to creating messaging to developing and executing “go-to-market” strategies as well as real-world IT experience. Matt began his career in professional services engineering and transitioned into product management and product marketing roles for some of the largest companies in the high tech market including Xerox, Seagate, and AMD. Most recently, Matt has worked at AMD as a Senior Product Marketing Manager. In this role, he was responsible for product message creation and testing, branding and all facets of go to market. Matt served as an IT director responsible for datacenter consolidation, data warehousing, web infrastructure, and data integration.

Steve McDowell

Senior Analyst, Storage

Steve McDowell is a technologist with over 25 years of deep industry experience in a variety of strategy, engineering, and strategic marketing roles, all with the unifying theme of delivering storage and systems technologies into the enterprise market. Steve most recently led the ground-up development of a hyperconverged storage/compute product at Nimble Storage (an HPE company), where he had also led the storage protocol and fibre channel engineering teams. He has engineered solutions for storage replication, NAS, and storage virtualization with companies such as NCR, Fujitsu-Softek, and Network Engines. Steve also spent eight years at AMD in corporate strategy and strategic marketing roles, where he focused heavily on emerging technologies, helping OEM partners deliver a wide range of innovative solutions to the enterprise market.

Anshel Sag

Analyst, Mobility & VR

Anshel is Moor Insights & Strategy’s in-house millennial and conducts hands-on competitive performance analyses. He was co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Bright Side of News, a top technology news and review website. As an IT industry journalist, he has written Anshel Sag Bust Blurredmany semiconductor analyses and helped customers and vendors understand which technologies matter. His strengths involve the ability not only to identify new technology trends but also to understand how companies in the IT industry can use them. Anshel is positioned well to explain why certain trends occur from the consumer perspective as well as describe the technical details behind them. His prior experience in the IT industry includes working in roles ranging from electronics prototyping to graphics cards and motherboards.

Paul Smith-Goodson

Analyst In-Residence, Quantum Computing

Paul Smith-Goodson brings a wealth of accumulated technical knowledge and real-world experience to MI&S. Paul follows current quantum computer implementations, trends, and the status of ongoing global academic, corporate, and government research. Because of wide-ranging interests, his technical knowledge spans several subjects, including e-commerce, IoT, data communications, call center analytics, search engine optimization, space weather, GPS, and high frequency radio. He has held corporate leadership positions with AT&T, Compuserve, Advanced Network Services, and MCI. His experience spans operations, sales, corporate strategy, international strategy, and technology strategy. Paul attended Montana State University and majored in chemistry. He has an advanced class amateur radio license, and holds several patents pertaining to geo-location and high frequency radio.

Will Townsend

Senior Analyst, Carriers and Enterprise Networking

Will is a senior analyst focused on telecommunications infrastructure, carrier services, and enterprise networking. He has spent his diverse career in product management, product and channel marketing, business development, sales and strategic alliances managing wireless programs with AT&T and Telus. A risk-taking executive that has built businesses and participated in several start-ups, Will brings over 25 years of experience from technology leaders Dell, Compaq, and Hewlett-Packard among others to Moor Insights & Strategy. Will earned a BA in Economics from The University of Texas at Austin and an MBA from Texas State University.

Mark Vena

Senior Analyst, Smart Home, Home Automation, Security & Console Gaming

Mark Vena is a proven strategic technology executive with more than 25 years in the high-tech space with many well-known companies such as Compaq, Dell, Alienware, Synaptics, Segway, Sling Media and Neato Robotics. He has led and managed numerous highly popular consumer technology brands in the PC, gaming, consumer electronics and “smart home” space. Mark’s rich consumer product management and product marketing background gives him a unique and real world “end to end” understanding of the challenges that companies face with developing innovative products and services for consumers. Mark graduated Cum Laude from Boston College in 1984 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and grew up in New Jersey. He currently resides in San Jose, California.


Dan Pickens

Business Director

Dan Pickens is Business Director for Moor Insights & Strategy’s datacenter business and is responsible for operations and customer relations. Dan has over 25 years’ experience in marketing, communications, media relations, analyst relations, positioning, and messaging. Prior to joining MI&S, Dan created and ran his own marketing and communications consultancy. He spent 12 years with AMD, the last three as senior product marketing manager for commercial PC and server processors. Prior to that, he created, and for six years managed the global industry analyst relations program. Initially, at AMD, Pickens spent two years creating and executing national and international public relations programs for the desktop and notebook businesses.