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Moor Insights & Strategy is a top-ranked global high-tech research and advisory firm based in Austin, Texas.

#1 Ranked Analyst in ARchitect "Power 100", 50% analysts ranked Top 100 in world
#1 Most Cited Analyst by Apollo Research
#1 Ranked "New Firm of the Year" 2016 by IIAR


Top-Ranked Technology Industry Analyst Firm

Latest Research

A look at the latest developments and trends shaping the tech world today. 

What We Do

MI&S offers unparalleled advisory and insights to businesses navigating the complex technology industry landscape.


Our technology analysts have deep experience in executive-level positions in strategy, product management, product and channel marketing, technology, P&L management, market research, and more. We apply our real-life expertise to help companies clarify and prioritize business decisions in complex, evolving technologies.

Consult & Research

We pay close attention to what is happening in the industry, researching markets and technologies to develop custom forecasts, insights, and research reports.

Our analysts provide guidance on the business issues and opportunities that matter most.


We use deep research, expert analysis, and the right tools to help enterprises navigate the technology landscape and inform and educate the market. 

We communicate our opinions on companies and coverage areas through custom research and market insight reports, white papers, blogs, webinars, trade show speaking, social media, videos, TV interviews, and press citations.