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What AWS does in compute is impressive.

Options for:
✅highest perf, PPW
✅lowest cost
✅General compute, inference, training (small & large models)
✅AMD, Habana, Intel, Nvidia
✅Graviton, Inferentia, Nitro, Trainium
✅VM, containers, serverless
(5/🧵) #reinvent

AI and #ML growth governed by:
-data sprawl
-data quality
-governance, lineage, security
-lack of reuse

AWS has answers to nearly every one. Needs investment in on-prem, though.

(4/🧵) #reinvent

Three basic solutions for MC inefficiencies:
1/🦄 fantasy APIs from CSPs enabling Collab across CSPs that won’t happen for decades
2/ App, Data, Network, & Security fabric across CSPs
3/ Limited version of #1. OCI has some good examples.

Any I’m missing?

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